Guide to Setup Share2Steem with Twitter

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Share2Steem (S2S) is a bridge that links mainstream social media platforms that you've been using over the past few years like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch and Medium (Beta). More services will be added over the period by the team (@sebbbl and @algo.coder)

It allows your posts in the respective platform to be cross-posted automatically into the Steem Blockchain with the proper setup. This post is focusing on setting up Twitter to Share2Steem.

Follow these few simple steps below to start using Share2Steem:

Login to Share2Steem

The site has been upgraded recently with a better design and navigation was improved a lot. Hence it should be easily understandable, so firstly, log in Share2Steem site with your own Steem account via the SteemConnect(1) option and if you do not own a Steem account, be sure to click on Create Steem Account (Red Button)

Remember to use only your Active Key(2) to sign in and not your Owner or Master Key to sign in with SteemConnect

Dashboard and Link Account

When you have linked an account before on your share2steem, it no longer prompt you to link account so in order to link other accounts, click on "Social Network(3)" on the side tab and it will load up the page showcasing what account has been linked with.

Click "Link Account(4)" and select "Twitter(5)" in order to begin the linking process with.

Enter your Twitter username into the given field and click "Check Account(6)". Once your account has successfully linked as shown on the image below, it's time to verify your account by click on the "Verify Account(7)"

*Note - Twitter username is shown right on your profile as shown below.

Everyone will get a different "unique verification key(8)" assigned by S2S when you're doing the account linking. You'll need to use this given key onto your Twitter profile's bio as shown on the image below.

Head over to your own Profile, click "Edit Profile (9)" and enter the Unique Key given by S2S to your "Bio description(10)" on your profile and save it. Head back to your Share2Steem and click "Verify Account(8)" which is just below your verification key.

Congratulations! Your account is now being verified and you can start Tweeting via Twitter and cross post your tweets to Steem Blockchain but do note that there are some steps you'll need to perform in order to successfully post in Steem Blockchain as well.

Tweet Post to Twitter and Steemit Together

Start by writing anything that you would like to on your Twitter post

Now! In order to post in Steemit together as well, you'll need to include "#share2steem" (11) inside your post. Up to 5 hashtags/keywords will be shown on your Steemit post, any extra will not be displayed.

If you do not want to post in Steemit but Twitter only, then just post normally without include the #share2steem tag.

Click Tweet on your Twitter and voila! Your post will be displayed onto your Twitter and Steem Blockchain within few seconds!

**Recent Update from Share2Steem - [Your Title] onto your Tweet or Instagram and it will auto post to your title as shown on the photo above!

Another option allows you to cross-post all your tweets without using the #share2steem tag. Only main tweets will be posted, not answers nor retweets.

The setting can be found in Social Network > Twitter > Manage > Repost Method (Bottom)

We hope this guide was helpful and if you have any question, suggestion or encounter any bug while using Share2Steem, please join our Discord here, and share with us!

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Thanks for your post, just seen to late. Please reply to give me the opportunity to vote for you :)


Hey @liondani, glad this post help you on the process 😊

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I go and look it :)


Yes, ​please! You'll love it 😆

Memang very easy to use.

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing this tutorial.
We have a lack of tutorials about the steem tools, and with that, many people could have their questions solved.


Your welcome 😆! More tutorial coming up with #share2steem

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The way you mean here is really great, as per your understanding, I have accessed my Twitter account there, now I will post how to say a little bit

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The way you mean here is really great, as per your understanding, I have accessed my Twitter account there, now I will post how to say a little bit

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Great! Thanks for using Share2Steem 👍🏻

Please let us know if you encounter any problem, bugs or suggestion to improve at our Discord 😊

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Ok I send message

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How about for instagram? Does it work the same on removing the tag #share2steem if I do not want to post it on steemit?


Yes, if you do not want to post to steemit, just post as normal without putting the share2steem hashtag.


Got it! thank you~~ :D

Very useful post... I try to use

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Looking forward to your posting 😊 with #share2steem

Thank you bradaa 🤟🙌

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No problem @killuminatic 🤟🏻🙌🏻

Thanks for your work. We are just setting up the beta version of our own social network ImpactN, supporting peer2peer sharing of time, talent and money. It would be great to include a share2steem property as well. How could we proceed best to do this real fast? We'd love to put the product in front of the eyes of the world at United Nations Global Festival of Action on May 2nd.


I mistakenly removed my verification key from my twitter bio. How can I get it back?