offers special packages to allow steem engine tokens to be legally compliant

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Buy legally compliant for your steem token! whitepaper audits and everything!

This makes me feel bad and good, I'll need 9000 dollars to make any potential project I do legal, including buying LLC and extra state costs, but honestly if I had a successful business on steem, I would wait to earn this much and then pay for this after I had the money. I hope no one goes into debt getting legal paperwork for their shitcoin. But for all the SERIOUS projects this is what will keep them out of the court rooms and from being shut down and thus gain them a LOT more legit investment from around the world.

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I repost my instagram feed to Steem with which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

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yeah wtf @aggroed big typo with STO prices $9,5000 ?not a real number lol

Oh 9,000 dollars. That is much