sent 10 PEOS and 1000 PIXEOS to @mcsamm on steem aka therealguygh on eos

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Just wanted to send some eos tokens to @mcsamm on steem d therealguygh on EOS.. Hes a long time steemian friend in Ghana who has been with eos for over a year now. I will hand out eos tokens to everyone who responds to this with their eos account and a tweet promoting eos

Check out the telegram here to help steemians get on EOS



#eos #eosio #blockchain #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #africa #ghana #mcsamm

Check out all the great work Mcsamm does to promote technology and blockchain cryprocurrency in Ghana. He is single handedly promoting decentralized systems to people in his region of West Aftica.

Since steem hasnt been able to continue the monetary success it has had in the past I want the people on developing countries to look to all the new EOS based projects to find new opportunities to earn tokens and collect airdrops etc... and maybe soon we will be getting paid from upvotes again from just posting content like the golden days on steem. Of course if steem engine is worked on enough it can propel steem to a higher price but it would require @ned to wakeup.

Check out the amazing work of @mcsamm here on his steem blog


I repost my instagram feed to Steem with which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

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