Important Dan Larimer Messages about June announcement, asking community not to over hype the acomplishments, no government or apple partnerships

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So no direct government partnership and no Apple partnership but bu 2020 I believe we WILL see government apple googoe and Amazon partnerships along with Facebook and telegram. >Dan's recent hottest messages - 22th May, 2019.

"Please don't over hype June 1. Setting impossible high expectations is good fo no one. We have great news, and I'm excited about it. But overhyped will make even great news disappointment".

"EOSIO will continue to scale. [...] The apps we want to build need more scale, so eosio will process more tps every year."

"I'm very exited about June 1st, but discourage people from making assumptions based on rumors. No Apple partnership. No government partnership." #blockchain #eos #cryptocurrency #bitcoin @bytemaster7 @block.one_official

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