my phone just glitched d combined 3 photos of a cryptocurrency atm and made some accidental crypto art!

10개월 전

#share2steem By combining an image of a bitcoin atm with various altcoin options, an inage of my finger over an NFC reader and an overlay of the screen of that machine showing bitcoin price of 8422.67 USD it would appear a person was trying to make a political or religious statement here perhaps about the mark of the beast but in reality it's just my phone doing this strange thing Instagram does whi sh provides for some amazing artwork when the right images are combined! I thought @stellabelle of PIXEOS would find this a accidental computer generated crypto art interesting :D @gostellabelle

#artzone #art #cryptoart #bitcoin #coinflip #generalbytes #nfc #nearfieldcommunication #blockchain #bitcoinatm #cryptocurrency

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Cryptoart indeed!
Very COOL!

ART .png