Multiple passive income streams from Steem Blockchain as seen through Partiko app, drugwars, discordtip bot, and Tipu

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These are just some ways I am bringing in small but steady amounts of passive income and it's a great way to teach kids how to start saving... they can start earning steem.playing the game they can participate in trivia games and discord talks and get tipped in one of many steem discord tip bot channels where the @discordtip bot lives like and that bot has btc ltc bch trx eos sbd steem so many coins

and the last Incoming transaction on my list there is from @tipu which is a Steem Tip Bot that offers one if the higher paying passive income streams on steem at sometimes 18% APR that's in steem.nit dollars.... so u can delegate steempower which u buy or earn from posting content, or answering questions on AND if you buy extra Tipu tokens on you can get extra passive income just like delegating, you share in that extra profit they make by being a Tipu investor... Theres also the steem-engine steem-peg account there under those incoming transactions where I have withdrawn steem from the steem-engine exchange either from tokens i was given and sold or tokens I created myself to sell and so on steem.we have MANY says to create liquid income... and when its steem it's as good as #bitcoin and bitcoin is as good as us dollars

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I repost my instagram feed to Steem with which I see as a gateway for people to bring content to steem and to bring millions of new users to steem to get paid for existing social media

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Do you have the invite link for steemspeak discord. I would like to join.
There are Goat Cash and Plankton token discords which also tip the people present in channel.

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You can always get there by just remembering this redirect link by @fyrstikken
here is the direct discord link incase that link gives you some scary message about an expired SSL certificate.... no worry its honestly just a redirect link anyone can check for themselves, it goes here

@ackza always making moves!!

On June 1st we are doing another #SPUD event, this time #SPUD2 with prizes for smaller Steemian accounts. It would be great if you could support in any way, thanks super Steemian!!

so now where are the steem and sbd bonuses?


well drugwars cant give them out now without fear of a certain rogue whale actually targeting peopel posting with # drugwars tag and FLAGGING the posts,taking away possibilities for them to earn a lil extra money on drugwars

toxic steem whales , thats the problem on steem. thank god we have EOS now