Steem Bitcoin + Altcoin whale @fyrstikken skips opportunity to anonymously take 0.6+ BTC or over $6800USD and helps return #bitcoin to rightful owner

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#share2steem Reddit post I made about this Good Samaritan Story #pal #busy #btc

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r/CryptoCurrency - Steem whale & Altcoin Singer fyrstikken helps another Bitcoin user secure 0.614 BTC account worth over $6800USD left open, & he could have stolen it anonymously but secured the account & is helping return it to its rightful owner. (Screenshot from discord )

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Zack Williams(Ackza)

Posted from Twitter via Share2Steem

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I respect @fyrstikken , but now I have a good reason to admire him. Thanks @ackza , I would have missed this gem of a move.

A very honorable thing to do! It's funny, he just voted on something of mine and I was thanking him for it. Seems he's a pretty genuine guy. Nice to know. :)

That is HUGE and exactly the Right Thing to do @fyrstikken .........
We are Blessed to Have such Great People around us here on STEEMIT......

Every time I come across integrity and kindness, my faith in the goodness of humankind is reenforced and strengthened.