SOS - to @algo.coder and @share2steem - the link is broken :(

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I have long nailed my colours to the mast: I am a compulsive Instagrammer. Anyone who reads my posts regularly doesn't have a choice because I punt the @share2steem dapp. I so enjoy being able to post from that platform to the blockchain that I volunteered to join the team to build the Instagram account. So, along with @alaikaabdullah, @ammachemist, @anggreklestari, @braaiboy, @MVD and @onepercentbetter we have been working the Instagram account to promote both the dapp and @steemit on Instagram.

Now, it seems that the link between Instagram and the blockchain is broken. We have messaged its creator on Discord. @jaynie who markets the dapp and who is a moderator in the Discord group, has trawled the interweb and the blockchain and -

Nobody can find @algo.coder

It's not just about the frustration of not being able to use our favourite dapp, but we are concerned.

Where is @algo.coder?

With apologies for spamming, but I wonder if @andrarchy, @theycallmedan and @nathanmars can help?

Here's to hoping that all will soon be restored and we will all be happily sharing 2 steem again soon.

Until next time
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McGregor, South Africa

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Maybe he got arrested or worse... hope he is back soon

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In Proud Collaboration with The Power House Creatives
and their founder @jaynie

Fingers crossed someone is able to track him down soon, and that he's only been busy with non-scary offline stuff, and will be able to get things sorted in short order.

Thank you for publishing this post, Fiona. From my curiosity now changes into worried. Is he fine? Is he ok?

Hope that @algo.coder is in excellent health and coming back here. We need him to fix the error, so that we can continue enjoying crossposting our instagram feed to steem. 😊


We don't know. No communication at all. And so far this post has yielded nothing. Please feel free to share...

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Goodness! I'm not a compulsive instagrammer, am not even on instagram, but I am devoted to steem. I hope this problem get worked out quickly, and thank you to all who are working on it.


Thanks @owsco and I hope that all the traction that this post is getting helps to solve the mystery. I do hope that nothing untoward has happened. It's a great dapp.

Yes, we are concerned! There's a human missing. Thanks for your initiative!


Thanks for stopping by @anli and thanks for the resteem. Lets hope all is well.


Thanks for your feedback. I gonna do this every day now until I see some kind of relieve.

I miss sharing my publications since instagram, it's also a way to promote steemit with my followers from other networks. I hope it appears soon and we can continue sharing our publications!

@fionasfavourites : depuis quelques jours je me demandais pourquoi cela ne fonctionnait plus. Grâce à toi j'ai la réponse. Je vais resteemer ton message et en espérant que @algo.coder nous répare cela rapidement.


Merci beaucoup @iptrucs - sorry but that's the sum total of my French, but with the help of Google translate, I got the gist and I share your sentiments. Merci aussi for the re-steem and follow.

Hope he will respond to your calling!