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Funny. But its a good way to exercise your body. Maybe i join u


Thriller kind of stairs, because it was so steep!

Nice pictures! :O
I`m planning myself to visit combodia one day.
Not many people even know about that country(here in europe) and how beautiful it is! :)


Thank you so much! Yes Siem Reap is very cheap to travel, and it's very interesting with all those temples around. But not much entertainment in that busy town.

Why not plan a SEA travel instead? Like few SEA countries in two months, which includes cambodia veitnam thailand malaysia etc.

Ahh how I wish I could visit Europe country! It sounded so luxurious if were to compare with siem reap :)

Did you manage to catch the sunrise?

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Yes we went for sunrise at shah srang :) we didn't wanted to join the "angkor wat sunrise" crowd, so we went to somewhere else for sunrise.