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Pic from my old venue Tunez... It was a pool hall we converted to a music venue. I opened it so local artists had more options to play. Planned on giving bands the opportunity to be part owners. It was a good run but the city kept playing games only allowing me to sell beer no liquor... beer where I live is $3-$5... not much. They claimed they put a pause on new licences, but he moment that I decided it's not normal for my bartenders to be making $800 a night and I only took home slim profits even if we sold out😂😂😂 I just let it go... Then they magically started giving them out. Thats life. But I'm feeling froggy some Tunez may need to be put on "REPLAY" soon 😉


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oh you had a great place for what you say, it's sad that you did not get the license to continue exploiting those great ideas that you have


Its all good... A lot of bands ended up forming and getting good in there. They are all touring now so thats cool to see...