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  1. White Sharks aka The Great white, they are the number one Shark to be on the attack.

The have made many movies about them, and they sparked the Iconic series Jaws.

Responsible for 80 confirmed deaths in the last 3 centuries, but with world wars and other things with men lost at sea there is no way to really know.


  1. The number 2 shark is the Tiger shark, meow. Yes they will eat anything, and are not afraid of anything. Slightly smaller than the great white, and mostly in tropical waters, they are definitely not something to mess with.

They are responsible for 31 confirmed kills on humans. But again people lost at sea might have meet them first....


  1. My least favorite shark... THE BULL SHARK. 27 kills

They love shallow and murky water, mostly where people swim, and o yes they live in fresh water.... Wait what, have been caught hundreds of miles up fresh water rivers in Australia.

Also believed to be the shark that actually was the basis for the movie jaws, as they were based of the attacks in a canal.

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Nothing against this post @sharkboy but can you tell me how it's making over $200 atm? Teach me your ways lol


Man I am a shark... that is all you need to know

Great one...i love the number two shark...
Kindly show me love @sharkboy.

I love sharks

I love Great white!