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You don't need to know who I am.
This blog is about shared experiences. It's about you being able to vicariously experience life and travel through reading about my experiences. Let the words and pictures speak for themselves.
Someone commented that I should make an "introduce myself" post. I shuddered a little inside at the idea of yet another "about me" profile online.
The problem with social media is how it enlarges and celebrates the ego. When I walk through any major tourist zone, I can't even tell which way to walk in order to avoid ruining someone's snapshot attempts, because more than half of the cameras are now set on "selfie" mode instead of focused outward on the world around them. These days, a decade into the social media craze, I have to work at making it a point to include more time in nature and, ideally, less time on devices each day.
So let's not make this another social media page full of selfies. Let's make it a collaborative, enjoyable experience. Let's focus on the content, not on how cool I want you to believe I am.
If you're into making this the new reality of social media, please comment, upvote, and share.

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