Long Overdue Shills and some thoughts about the Steemcosystem

2년 전
I used to think that a shill was just a mere shout-out and that it carried no responsibility and you owed nothing to your network. That's what normal social media got us used to, to share, retweet and reblog willy nilly and without consequences or ownership.


Now that I'm more familiar with the cryptospace and without being a tech oriented or development focused, I know that if/when you shill something, you put your name, credibility and trustworthiness in that shill. A lot of reputations have been ruined because of some un-researched shill or some paid shill that resulted in a scam. I learned that with DLive and I guess a lot of us did.

Back in the ATH and when I had my delegation, I only shilled very few projects or ideas, only that one mentioned above ended up being a scam, but I also rejected a lot of people approaching me, asking me to shill something in exchange for some coins or some airdrop etc, and I really glad I said no because some of them ended up in exit scam or not delivering their promises.

My point here is, I don't shill easily anymore and not for everyone or every project. I'm sorry if you have approached me before and I said no or I ended up avoiding the topic, all the time I try to do some research about the team, the idea, the project, previous projects of the team etc and if something doesn't sound quite good I just walk away from it.

The reason I'm making this post is because I know some people (yeah, I'm talking about you three in the corner) care about my opinion about some stuff happening in our Blockchain and it's also positive to be vocal about important stuff going on on Steem, to take a side and to speah outloud, knowing that your opinion may carry some weight around your audience - again, hello to you, three people who care about my opinion :D. It's also very important to make a statement every once in a while being half of the @ocd-witness alongside @acidyo. These are not official shills or project reccomendations of the witness, these are my own, but you know the drill, it still carries some weight.

Project shills and community reccomendations

These are not necesarilly the only ones worth checking out and this list must definitely not be taken as the only source to find godd Steem based Dapps and Projects, it's an unbiased reccommendation of projects and dapps I'm in contact with and I use fairly frequently; they also had a recent launch or update which is exactly why I'm mentioning them here:

@steem.ninja: Account creation made simple. In this update, if you don't have liquid steem to create an account, you can just delegate some Steem Power to steem.ninja and you will get INVITE tokens that in turn, you can exchange for claimed accounts that you can use to create an account for your friends and family. Check more details here

@actifit: One of the Dapps I use the most just had a kick-ass update. You can track your steps during the day and keep record of your activity for months; they have some very cool features that will make keeping track of your fitness something fun and most importantly, get some steem rewards in the process. Check more details here

@travelfeed: If I was writing about travel and adventure like I used to before, I would definitely be even more excited about this Dapp, and even though I'm not the target market right now, I'm in constant communication with the team begind it and I highly reccommed this app for the avid travelers out there. Check more details about it here

@celfeditorial: A Spanish speaking project that has potential to become an incredible publishing source with a serious model behind it. I saw how the idea was born during the SNDbox summer camp I cooordinated and now the recenyl launched their Fundition campaign. I would definitely reccommend Checking it out here

These are only some shills in my top of mind that I've been wanting to do for a few days now. I can vouch for the projects and the people behind them and if I were you I would definitely check them out, they're some of the best ideas out there in our Chain.

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It means a lot to us, speaking for the entire @travelfeed team - we see that shill as a seal of approval and that we're going in the right direction. Thank you so much for your support and always have an open ear.


Thank you guys for being so passionate and community driven, I hope the best for the new app and may your community keep growing!

You're fixtures and fittings young man lol....that's why people listen to you and read your posts!!
It's great to see all these projects, we just need a bigger user base to build them up!!
Can I just mention sportstalksocial.com our new Steem Sports SCOT.....there are tokens of course and its all about Sports obviously! Would love to hear about your sporting exploits or sporting passions!!
Have a great weekend Mr Nomad :-)


I don't know how many people value my opinion or listen to me, but at least it's good to put this out there and let anyone doing research to get my point of view regarding these matters :)

Thanks for the positive words mate!

This is radiant work =) Resteem for your content,,,,,,,,


Thanks for the resteem! Glad you liked it

Hi Eric, thank you for the mention to @celfditorial, project of which I'm part and which is born of another great project such as @celfmagazine. In general, you know that your opinion is important to many of the Spanish speakers that are in STEEM, you are one of the most influential authors and you have always been involved in everything! That's why I annoy you so much lol

Regarding @celfditorial, is a project that we wanted to carry out because we want @celfmagazine to remain more like a portal for third party work curated by our team, while @celfditorial will be something more own and centralized. We have a good amount of quality content to publish through @celfditorial, and also ideas that can attract the art and culture community to the platform, but we want to save the content for once our project is accepted by the @fundition donation program.

In fact, I am working with a colleague to improve the business plan of the editorial, as it was rejected by @fundition because it was very general and unspecific, in the end the idea is that we can provide a digital product/service attractive enough so that our sponsors can find a win/win relationship through supporting us with cryptocurrency donations, upvotes, etc. So we'll do our best to put it into a second version of the campaign.

Again, thank you for the mention Eric


Thanks for all this input, it's definitely complicated to come up with a proper fundition campaign and I wish you all the best. I wish I could be of more consulting help but nowadays I'm struggling with time management and irl stuff. Great to hear about the upcoming plans!

A very pertinent post for its clarification and support for serious projects on the platform. I greatly appreciate that among those projects has included @celfeditorial. Grateful for his clarity, solidity and sense of honesty, @anomadsoul. Greetings.


Always good to make posts that state our position towards some of the projects out there! Thanks for the comment :)

Thanks for your mention @anomadsoul, we are very happy for this new stage for @celfmagazine with @celfditorial. We want to do more for our project and for the Steem Blockchain, this is still the beginning of a very big idea we're developing. Thanks for your support.

There is a lot of quality in these words. We greatly appreciate your opinion and support @anomadsoul friend @celfditorial project, which I am very happy to belong. We hope that the future will be prosperous and our plans will consolidate to become the best art and culture magazine of the STEAM blockchain. My best vibes for you.


Keep your eyes on the target and keep working towards it. You have the idea and the potential, I really expect you delivering a great final piece that gets better every day!

You shill your little heart out, I shill steem projects online and offline all the time, no one listens really, maybe a few trickles through here and there, most don't stay very long but hey I HODL an "I told you so" when this space moons and they walked away. It's a shiny polished "I told you so" waiting to be airdropped on noobs feeling FOMO


The fomo is real and even though I don't mean to
rub "I told you so" in other people's faces, they'll know, each and every one of them will know when the time is right, that they should've jumped in the train while they were able to.

I value your opinion and always am glad to hear about projects that you deem worthy!

Well I just learned something new- because of that word being thrown around in such a negative way I thought the term was negative, lol.

How've you been handsome?

Good advise re shill my friend! Long time no speak - some good projects - not convinced by all though.

Count me the fourth ;p
Thank you for this though.... I have been a little curious about travelfeed and your recommendation gives me some confidence :)