A trailer about my short movie - There is no sound

3년 전

Hey, nice to be back, I didn't post since a while because I had an accident nothing too bad, but an arm in plaster during a month...

Anyway I would like to show you a trailer about a movie I made few months ago. I made it during my studies at university. It's movie about a journey, in a sensitive way, I'll post the full movie in a few days :

Keithan Key

Songwriting - Guitars in Maïeutiste

Bass in Caïnan Dawn

Vocals in Barús

Vocals in Deinmas

Past bands:
Project Jim
Smoky Eyes

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Bro get well soon really appreciate your work you are my inspiration bro keep writing and keep sharing get well soon your loving follower


Thanks for the comment and the follow! Cheers! :)

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sorry for the accident but am glad to know that you are back ,the movie is good and l think it will be liked by every one


Thanks for your comment! Yeah nothing serious about my accident. Soon the full movie!

Very impressive specialty the places I like it


Yes, the film was made in French Alps, beautiful place and wide views, it's the essence of this project. I hope you'll like the full movie, coming soon with more of it! :)

i liked it!! i hope to see more about this soon. Nice photography btw :)


Thanks! I'll to show more stuff next months! :)

very cool!! =D I love filmography!! I will upvote and resteem this as well! Thanks again for dropping by my page. ^_^

this shortfilm awakens emotions, curiosity, fear and joy! thats what i call art!

i am new please one upvote me please @kantchelag

Nice one. Congratulation


Thank you! :)

How cool! I enjoyed it, will follow for more videos (hopefully!) (:


Thank you, well soon! ;-)

vidio yang bagus
semoga sukses dengan flem nya
salam kenal dari saya

it's a very good post, and I love it


Thank you! Soon I'll post the full movie! :-)