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I just saw @justineh's Cheesecake Recipe Post and read about this showcase-sunday thing. I know! So lame that I didn't know about this thing before LOL but yay that lovely idea by @nonameslefttouse is giving me a chance to showcase some of my best posts that were kinda unnoticed before.

Last year, I found Steem when I was in my darkest days. I found my family in Curie and focused my energy on being a curator and was occassionally making posts at that time. I mean of course, since I didn't post much, I didn't have that many audiences compared to now. So here are some of the photographs I did last year!


Voices (Painted).png

Voices | Self Portrait.

Aaahh. This was the time when I wanted something different for my posts. I want to have some sort of a puzzle where only a few could find out what I really wanted to say. I like puzzles and I certainly don't want to feed the thoughts to my audiences and I want them to figure out the message themselves.

You can visit the post here. My posts were just like that. One-photo post with just a few text. You would think that's it??. But the main thing there is when you toggle night mode (which I think only a few people use it as default), the hidden words will appear.

Just suits my username hiddenblade. ;)

Also, yeah... me so emo... :p and I only had Steem friends who I talk to everyday and I'm really grateful for them. You know who you are.. <3

Painted | Photo Series


This was also part of my "Toggle Night Mode" series. During these days, I was just isolating myself in my room. I never went out with friends, didn't move much at all... just talking to Steem people and taking photographs of myself. Aahh look at me! So skinny. I got to the point where I only eat little food twice a day.

I want you to visit the post to see it with the text. But I'll just put the photos here as well. Toggle Night Mode.




I'll Lead The Way | Self Portrait

I'll Lead The Way.jpg

I'll Lead The Way
Self Portrait

This time, I was overcoming my depression and slowly getting back that faith in myself. I could say this was one of my photographs that I'm really proud of. It wasn't an easy process and thankfully I didn't burn the house down cos I was blindfolded while holding a candle... and I was alone in my room and doing the shots myself. Conceptual-wise, I also really liked it. In fact, I'm planning to make a painting version of it! :D

The poem and the process are here in this post

Tortured Blindness | Pen and Ink Drawing


And the post that I'm the proudest of... is this one. I know it got big rewards at that time but I still want you all to see this.

I made the drawing sometime in 2011. I was a 14-year-old kid who had no idea what was going on and why I was drawing dark and depressive stuff back then. This drawing was so important to me that I scanned it, edited it in Photoshop to remove the background and such (took me hours cos I didn't have a pen tablet :P) and actually thought about it for weeks on how I'm going to present it properly. Glad I was successful and the people figured out. :p

Not seeing anything? Again, Toggle Night Mode if you haven't already. :D

That's all. I thank those who have been supporting me from the start and also thanks to my new followers as well. Steem and Discord have been my comfort zone when I was naked in the dark. Thank you all for lending me your ears... and heart. :)

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Thanks for giving me a reason to switch back over to night mode. I've been putting that off for weeks. I'll Lead The Way is a solid piece in my eyes.


Yay! Hope you had fun with the night mode version :D And thanks for doing this initiative. :D


I will like to join the showcase Sunday as well

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You are talented.
Lots of variation and thought development in your work.


Thank you! <3

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These are so cool!!


Thanks! <3

Wow! I heard about this #showcase-sunday thing, but I have no idea how this works. I have a lot of unnoticed posts before, but I don't feel like posting it again. Should I add variation or something? I guess I'm blind with how things work. Maybe that's the reason why I have only a few audience. 😂 😂 😂


Check this post, it has all the details :D
Yeah you can do like mine, a showcase but I added details/story that I haven't mentioned in my posts before so it won't be a total repost. :D


Cool! Thank you! I realized I only have two posts that I liked to be showcased. I'll try this in the coming Sundays. Thanks for the tip.