Showcase-Sunday - «TIIQ» ¡The Infallible Impactful Quiz!

28일 전

Sunday Yeah!! Hopefully another relaxed Sunday for everyone. :)

Today on my 5th peaceful Sunday working as an unpaid resurrector of 'delightful corpses' long time buried & forgotten in the remote past. Most of them laying in the quiet depths of the abyssal zone of my blog.

And all this drudge due the guilt of whom?
Who is to blame for having me working as an undertaker digger on a lovely sunny Sunday? Well, look no beyond than the realms of those babbling canadian artists who claim that there is no name left to use on the steem blockchain.

The one who through his Showcase-Sunday ramson initiative, he has already had us for six weeks in a row digging as tireless carrioner slaves every weekend looking for remains.

With the only sadistic purpose to refloat these rot wordy meaty residues of content to the surface of the earth again and then simply hang in their big toe a new tag which says #showcase-sunday and then bury them again forever after 7 days of animated suspension.

Search and rescue mission in which after much digging I ended up choosing a 614 days old Undead, which according to the recent dynamic of interaction in a ghost town like the steem blockchain during these last weekends. It seemed to me the most appropriate to resurrect by the simple fact that this deceased comes with an inquiring mindset. Asking a handful of relevant questions through some kinda strange Impactful Quiz. :)

So, without more ado. The Inquisitive Undead.

"Snack Content Experiments"

¡The Infallible Impactful Quiz!

( May 16 2017)

"A simple witty questionnaire with a handful of questions"


That's right folks! Like the title already says, you are next to start the most exciting journey toward the holy depths of your inner self for an extraordinary mind-bending experience to gain incredible insight, enlightenment & knowledge about who you really are without ingest a single drop of Ayahuasca.

Here's the deal: Simply read and answer the following questions as honestly as you can. Then, chose one of these which describe you better and scroll down till the Conclusions-Suggestions-Prizes section of this post to act accordingly.

Ok, ¡Let's start! And let us all know you a little better.

  • 1.- ¿Are you one of those who can't stand two requests from anyone without immediately jump and throw away your tiny panties on the stage while at the same time dispense out Willy-Nilly kisses & hugs right & left everywhere?
    "If this is your choice, ignore the next questions and go directly to the Conclusions Section to collect your prize."

  • 2.- ¿Are you one of those who to give something, always need to get something in return immediately, no matter how small, insignificant or of little value for you it may be, but by any means you got to get something in exchange?

    "If this is your choice, keep reading the next questions and if after that you still insist this is your pick, then follow the instructions in the Conclusions Section to collect your prize."

  • 3.- ¿Are you one of those to whom we need to hit your elbow first with a demolishing ball to release from your hand a sweet single dime?

    "If this is your choice, Yep! keep reading the next questions and if after that you still insist this is your pick, then follow the instructions in the Conclusions Section for the item 3 to collect your prize."

  • 4.- ¿Are you one of those, like most of us, always hauling along the road a giant bag full with a great deal of Empathy, Generosity & Solidarity but when you check your pockets you become aware, one more time, that you are just growing fluff & spiderwebs inside?

    "If this is your choice, Of course mate! Same as in the first question pick you can go directly to the Conclusions Section to collect your prize."

  • 5.- ¿Are you one of those who simply shrug and twist your eyes without much fuss and with plain indifference just would limit yourself to expect someone else could appear out there, by accident, and take charge of the situation to fulfill the request thrown at your feet?

    "Oh yeah! If this is your choice, Run buddy, hurry up and go directly to the Conclusions Section to collect dust.. eermm.. your prize."

«Conclusions-Suggestions-Prizes Section»

¡Alright! if you are now absolutely convinced and totally sure you've selected the right option above, which describe to yourself with the utmost precision according your most sincere and honest evaluation. Go ahead and read the instructions to know yourself better than your own mother and collect your prize right away.

  • 1.- If you've chosen option 1, read this article first, then come back here and drop a comment saying ¡I'm a Groupie, Panties On The Stage! So, we both jointly might find where it finally landed & celebrate together when we were kind of a music industry celebrity back in the good days. :)

  • 2.- If you've chosen option 2, then, read this article instead, then come back here and drop a comment saying ¡I've never felt so rewarded after exercise my rarely philanthropic actions! and share with us which one was the tune that melted your heart so much.

  • 3.- If you've chosen option 3, rather read this article, then come back here and drop a comment saying ¡Sheesh!, Wadda Deja Vu. I thought those funny toys couldn't be found anymore! That's all you need to do to collect your prize.

  • 4.- If you've chosen option 4, then, read first this article instead, then come back here and drop a comment saying ¡Hey mate, ¿Do you have some Raid Kill over there?! and I will take note of your name in my list to possibly fill your pockets with crypto tinkling naphthalene coins very soon to pay you back your willing goodness gesture.

  • 5.- If you've chosen option 5, then, don't read anything dude, just cross your arms like you always do and drop a comment saying One more chap left out on the gutter. ¡Who Cares! It's not my business lift them up.

¿Do you know now who you are beyond any shadow of doubt? ¿Not yet? Well, then, jump again into the endless treadmill and answer the questions one more time.

¡You only have one more chance!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post thus far and carry out complying the quiz.

¿Who's there riding?

Oh! Yes, almost forgot your weekly 'Abstract Aural Bit'

when all your so called friends are gone......when everything you try goes wrong....well just leave it all to chance......the answer is. get up off your ass and dance.....

¡Because you gotta dance like this everyday before go to bed!

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Resteems & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

Cranky Gandalf


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You know what? You confuse the living shit outta me most days. But I deserve it.


Yeah, don't worry. I bet that must be due the persistent crystal clear coherence & eloquence of my 'spanglish' prose. Hahahaha

Thank you very much for your acknowledge and very welcome appreciation my friend. :)