Serious about Silver? Ready for a big (but good value) purchase? Read this post!

2년 전

So as many of you know I am an ebay affiliate and if I hook people up with a link and they purchase through my link I will get a commission, rather then just doing random posts and working by getting a crazy amount of hits what I do is target things. I have a pair of good solid deals on Silver bars. I'll post the links and describe in brief the numbers at the time of this post. As you know spot prices change.

the above is 100 oz of silver for SPOT+39c per oz. Free shipping, 223 purchases for this specific item and 100% positive feedback.

the above deal is slightly cheaper but is also 100 oz of silver for only a bit over spot but has far less reviews for the item itself, but the store selling it has an amazing ratio for positive feedback overall

few things to keep in mind, I am not an investment advisor I'm just showing good deals that are not much over spot/oz price. this is not investment advice this is just links to things for you to look at if you were thinking about it to begin with. the other thing is the numbers I quoted are accurate as I posted it, as after a week this will be permalinked the numbers of spot price and sale price may change of course. But look into it.

if you want to buy silver but at a lower total cost let me know I help with all size sales!

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