Moster Raffle win!

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One of the biggest events on the STEEM blockchain (well, at least for me...) is the @ssg-community MONSTER RAFFLE! It's a great way to make use of your SBD to help power up the community account and be in the running for picking up some really nice donated prizes! It's a pretty crazy night and it can be hard to keep track of what is left to pick up... and then the stress when your name is called out for a win... and you are frantically looking down the list to see what is left and what do you want!

Anyway, this 2 oz Silver Succubus was definitely on my wishlist! It's pretty hard to get these ones here in Europe, as there is the shipping and import costs, so I was pretty happy when I was able to pick it out. It was a generous donation from @pbock from whom I also won a prize from in the previous Monster Raffle!


... and the reverse, showing the mark from @phelimint!


... but there was a bonus from @pbock as well! a 1oz Gorilla! Holy Moly! I was so surprised to get a bonus silver piece in the package! You are the best! Big thanks for the extra loot, it is going to make a welcome addition to my little stack, and it is one that I don't have yet, so even more thanks!


I love it! It's a great new addition (well, two new additions!) and they are both nicely detailed pieces of art! Much obliged, and hope you all are starting to receive all your winnings from the Raffle! I can't wait for the next one!

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Congratulations on your win, @bengy!


Thanks! Hope you also managed to pick up something nice!

Congrats !

happy you like it, and extra happy you enjoyed the bonus 😄

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Thanks again! I love both of them! Hope you get you Rune soon!

Congrats !

happy you like it, and extra happy you enjoyed the bonus 😄

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I have one of those Succubus coins. They're pretty sweet!


They are pretty awesome... but a bit too much to import from Canada normally, so I'm happy to have won one!


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