Triple Digits Silver Anyone?

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As you probably know, I have been very bullish on silver this year, and my investment hypothesis has now materialized.
I have watched videos with the CEO of First Majestics before.

And in this video, he is still bullish, and repeats that an EV uses 3-4 kg of silver(!).

I still think that silver has a long bullish marked ahead, and have positioned myself with physicals and margin positions. I do not own First Majestics (or other junior miners) anymore, which is a petty as they have boomed recently.

My little brother just started working for Tesla, and I hope he sells a lot of cars because that will strengthen the bull marked even more:)

What do you think the silver price is in the end of 2020?

by @janusface

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I see you collected a nice and precious silver coins! I also heard some other Steemian also talked about Silver and he also invested a lot on this! Wish you a good luck Prof!
Keep $trdo, sometimes it might bullish like Silver too ;)



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The Melt Value of Silver by the end of 2020, will be "Set" at $3.50 per ounce, in "Sound Money"...

If you'd rather Measure Silver with Debt Note Fiat Dollars, it will be $350.00 per ounce...
September 17, 2019... 18.5 Hollywood Time...

I can see $26 dollar silver in 2020... but from 2021 to 2025, silver can go as high as $200 in my opinion when shit hits the fan lol

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For silver to hit that dollar value, inflation would have to be off the charts. At that point you don't need silver or dollars. You need some damn bullets cause there will be straight up war!

Nice stack. I’m hoping Silver will be $30 by the end of the year.

I agree with @thedamus. It will take off soon.

I can see it boom anytime ffs! Sooner or later it’s gonna’ fly...

Well precious metal are the one who will survive and will reach beyond new highs