The silver quarters, the Truth movement and how I just started believing in God again.

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-=WARNING: rambling, venting and long story alert.=-

I used to believe in God when I was a little kid.
I took everything my parents said at face value and they sort of believed in God even though they were two different religions, I was raised with some involvement in a religious community until about 12 years old.

I had some issues in my early life that let to me having problems getting close to

people and for a while definitely damaged me and that caused more hardships and

problems which I brought on myself, knowingly and unknowingly, this led me to feel

jaded and like God didn't exist, I never rubbed it in anyone's face but I thought

I got into psychedelics in my youth and had a trip once where I felt the oneness and

that my life energy and physical body would go back into nature and the universe and

that I was made up of other past living things and that everything was alive and that

we were the universe and that concept was comforting to me because it let me think

that no matter what happens, it's ok because that is how it's supposed to be, and I was involved in martial arts too and just being productive, helpful and spreading good vibes became my "religion".

for the most part it proved to return me positive energy unless I had something really bad happen that threw me off track for a while, and bad things did happen as they do to everyone.

I have also been into conspiracies since I saw JFK as a kid (the hollywood movie) and

when 911 happened, it frightened me because everyone was so radically group-thinking

to where if you dared said it was an inside job, people would likely spit on you and

beat you up, those of you that were alive at that time in the USA know I'm telling the

I had an American flag proudly displayed in the back window of my truck before 911,

but I had to remove it after that day because EVERYBODY had American flags EVERYWHERE

and their patriotism was based on a gang mentality that was being used against them.
This and my social issues about getting close to people made me go "grey" and I never

talked about it but kept researching and looking into theory.
I looked into everything from the cia corruption to the illuminati to big pharma, to

the lying media, many false flags throughout history and everything else "truthers" now
can openly discuss without threat of being thrown in a lockup and drugged.
Everywhere I looked from the top down, I found corruption and brainwashing, I learned

to see it coming, how they vertically integrate concepts and make it seem like you

arrived at a conclusion on your own but really you were guided into thinking that.
I learned how the stick it in our faces in plain sight, I learned the symbology and saw it all around, I felt pretty overpowered and helpless about it.
I discovered that I was being tracked and spied on through my phone and computer like

everyone now knows is true, I learned how to look like a sheep but be a fox, waiting

for my chance to expose this somehow to enough people at once to make a critical mass,
I called george W. Bush's presidency and invading iraq and also the presidency of

obama, both over two years early before the average person knew who either were, earlier I

had even predicted that they would hit the wtc with a plane based on the foreshadowing the

media made about it and I predicted those 2 presidents the same way, the way they

introduced it, the formula they used to introduce these people.

It turns out I wasn't as good at researching this stuff as I wanted to be.
Turns out I wasn't alone though, when 4chan came along i found a place where other

people dared to say these things, even though I knew I was being doxed by the people

who control things, I lurked and lurked and learned that there are people far better

at this than me and I decided I would utilize their research to do work IRL if and

when the opportunity presents itself.
Then came snowden, then came assange.
when Obama came and almost ruined us, I thought we were doomed, my formula told me

that the next election would be hillary vs Jeb and that jeb would be made to narrowly

beat her. I had pretty much given up on my people and prepared for war.
Then came anthony with his weiner and then came the emails
Then came President Trump and my theory went out the window, I heard what he said and

it resonated with me, he was dog-whistling to the "conspiracy factists" like myself

and I felt and still feel 50/50 whether its legit but I chose to trust him because my

gut told me he has a heart of gold, he is the shit that American dreams are made of

and the only thing that worries me is how he still speaks in front of the yellow-

fringed flag and that they fold it over to hide the yellow on tv but in several photos

and video clips, you can see the tassels and fringes.

That being said, I support him and more importantly, I support the ideas he was elected for and the people who, like me, chose to believe in something good in this world one more time.
I started following more people who speak out on the corruption, now we

have Q, and the promise that there is a plan.
I saw people praying to God and their Christianity but them using it to spread

positive energy and I still didn't believe in God as they do but I didn't argue with

them, I decided when it came up I'd pray along with them and send my "good vibes" to them, this was a stepping stone to allowing the idea of God back in my heart and mind.

I had been in a relationship with a Woman I loved for almost 6 years and we couldn't

communicate even though we loved each other. I felt we had everything we needed to have

a little family, I own my little house in a nice little neighborhood, it's paid off,

we both made enough money for ends to meet and I wanted to be with her and it turns out she felt the same way but due to our troubles communicating, we both missed the point .

we both had similar problems of getting close to people, also she did not want anything to do with my research, she hates Trump and is a liberal, she hates guns and the fact that I like 'em, thinks I'm out of my mind for believing in Bitcoin, (even though she witnessed what I did in 2017) but still we do
love each other, tragically, to add to our difficulties, she became sick and after over a year of misdiagnosis it turned out to be Multiple sclerosis, the fast acting
kind and nothing they give her helps at all, even medical cannabis, even supposedly

the best drugs for it, and she moved to Canada the other day for the healthcare (which

I think is a mistake but I also think she is better off with her family as we were all alone here).
There is nothing I could do as she set it all in motion before I could react.
She quit her job even though she only needed one more quarter of working in the USA to

get health benefits, sold her furniture, got it all set up with her family, she just couldn't do it anymore and she was convinced that I was

never going to marry her and I was convinced that she would never marry me .
She and her son are with her family now so at least there is that. They can take

better care of her than I can in truth but I have been feeling really dead inside and really guilty for

a long time over our constant fighting and now her being so sick and I have prayed to

"the universe" and even to God (just in case) that Trump would destroy big pharma and

a suppressed cure would come out and save her, I still pray that it happens,
(and to anyone reading this, could you please just say a quick prayer that many

suppressed cures for many diseases will come out very soon?thank you.)

What does this have to do with a roll of silver quarters?
You deserve to know if you read this far.
Well, I had said little prayers to God over the last couple years but they were for

things like "Please don't let hillary and these criminals win" and the thing about the

suppressed cures,
maybe a wish for cryptos to go up or down depending on what position I was getting in or out of but nothing that was immediately or obviously answered and in the case of Trump

winning, well that wasn't any suprise to me by election night,
but the roll of quarters...

I stack silver. I have a small quantity at my house and if the amount at my house

gets over a certian amount, I move the excess to other locations,like a squirrel.
Well I was doing my count after getting a couple more ounces several days ago and

realized I was missing $10.50 face value of quarters.
I also remembered at that point that I had seperated them because I was going tomove

them to one of my secondary trusted spots but had temporarily stashed them and then

forgotten to do so for like 3 and a half months.
For the last 7 or 8 days I was wracking my brain and checking all over my house and

could not find the quarters,even waking up at 3 AM and not being able to sleep and

making coffee and looking all over for them, it had slipped my short term memory

before I could make a mental note of where I hid them.
I just told myself that they would turn up, I have a high security protocol and know

that no one could have stolen them and that they were indeed hidden somewhere in my

house, but still, this kind of thing drives me crazy.
Just before I decided to write this article I had spent another half hour or so

looking EVERYWHERE and was beating myself up for being so silly as to lose that much

silver like that, I was looking at how messy my house was since I have been depressed

and in the busy season of my job so I have been really lazy and exhausted at night and

living like a slob.
I'd been on the net too much watching videos and reading articles about what is happening with the truth movement and hitting dead ends and disconcerting facts
Also, my sweetheart had sent me some pictures of her and her sisters
puppy dogs earlier and I was missing her and feeling really empty and sad and looking for the quarters

and getting really frustrated, I could feel my heart rate going up and it was really

getting to me.
It was like not being able to find the quarters was the straw that broke the camel's back and I was losing my ability to stay cool about it.
I had semi-consciously toyed with the idea of praying to God to ask him to give me a

clue where I hid them and finally I just said out-loud something like, "Dear God, will

you Please help me find where I put this roll of quarters, thank you, Amen!
I thought it seemed like a frivolous prayer in a world with so much suffering but I

knew if I could just find the things that it would help me settle down a little.
I think you figured out where this is going, but like 30 seconds after I said that

prayer, I was just standing in my workbench area in my basement, just scanning the

room and I saw a clock I have hanging on the wall, it's mounted on a 2x4 screwed into

the concrete and there is a little space above the 2x4 but behind the clock, and I

said to myself, "maybe it could fit back there but I don't think I would have ever put

them there."
I walked over, stood on a stool and stuck my hand up there. The quarters were there.
I thanked God and I have to believe now that there is at least a sentience to the

universe if not an actual God, this meant so much to me to stop having this in the

back of my mind, it's not going to make or break me, but I stack a little at a time and I filled up that tube a few quarters at a time. it's not about the money as much as the frustration of hiding them on myself I really feel like I had exhausted myself searching and I really believe that some higher consciousness guided me, effortlessly to where the quarters were hidden.
I feel like if I hadn't said that prayer, I'd have given up by now and wouldn't have found them 'till I moved out of this
house, which I don't plan on for a long time.
The fact is that so quickly after I said that prayer, after all the time I had been looking and how hard I looked, I actually found them. THANK GOD!

Thanks for reading, happy stacking, God bless you and
Don't chase rainbows, MAKE rainbows.
Stay up! - @raddog out.

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Nice read man, sorry to hear about your girl I'll be praying for her. Trying praying to Jesus and ask him to show you if he's real or not. Personally the best thing I ever did.


thanks for your support.