The Infinity Dragon

3년 전

The following unboxing may just reach new heights of asskicking magnitude for the exposé of a single silver coin!

Let me start off right, and set my “post pic” and teaser...


That’s father Ray’s Steemit decal from before the logo change... it still looks killer as hell, and man o man is that a quality decal — on like Donkey Kong from 6 months ago: through numerous carwashes, snowfalls and general wear&tear... and it still looks fresh!


Ray’s decal has become a part of the Vovo — my family’s escape pod and travelling sanctuary. It’s nothing fancy, and it’s almost vintage, but it’s a killer ride that both boys like and my girl thinks is responso-chic! ...and it’s pretty nice to drive too, especially on the highway.

So yadda, yadda, yadda... wanna’ see the newest prize, and prized, booty?



Thomas Edison to Neil Armstrong! Brockman to Damus! This is the shizz!


Okay, okay, gettin’ there horn-dogs !!!



This is a ree-donk coin! 2oz. Massive Premium. 8,888 limited mintage. A collector’s coin through and through... for obvious reason





This is the coin that “nobody” has. It is truly outlandish, obscure, offensive even, and totally awesome! I’m glad i didn’t buy it, lol, but damn! This is one of those pieces that elicit questions like: “what the fuck is that?”

One day when the crowds come from miles around to gaze upon the shiny magnitude, and gasp at the glittering wealth of thedamus, this piece will be there to say: you ain’t seen nothing yet moFuck!

I was really happy to win this from @raybrockman — i have entered freakin’ everything and been shut out until now. I will hold this one for long time!


And i just can’t jeep my mouth shut... i have orher exciting news (read: unboxing) that i’ll try to assemble this damn night. However, i did just acquire one of the pieces that will be sent to RB in our lil’ tit4tat game — it’s a mad Bromance!!! And it’s my turn! Lofl!!!

So this evening as i count my blessings and drink from something new 🤪, an item that will accompany my canon-fire on down to Alabama, i sing the praise of Ray Brockman! A true asskicker and solid-as-amotherfucker-steemian — leading by example!!!

Thanks dude! Thaz a killer piece!

~ your friend @thedamus — putting together (slowly) my response to your magnanimity and downright hilariosity!

Yo, Brockman! Better get yer racket re-strung 😜 and start jazz-er-cising! The retort will be sudden, shiny and sweet ⚡️👊😎⚡️

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Boom! I got one you got one. Glad you won brother, I was starting to think you where never gonna win but boy oh boy you won the one that counts. That thing will fit right in with the @thedamus stacks on stacks. Appreciate the shout out.😎👊

🍆 that is all


Nice eggplant!



Glad you like it, I kept it especially for you. I'm still contemplating picking up one of these bit they command a £100($140us) approx and that's too rich for my blood. Waiting for somewhere that takes ltc in the UK and I'll pick one up

That is an awesome piece to have won! But yea I gotta agree don't know if I would have bought it out right. It almost looks like a weapon! Congrats!☠️

Talk about a knock your socks off chunk of silver!
It really is an infinity dragon because I can't seem to make myself look away!!
Good stuff as always from Saint Ray of SSG! 😎🍻


Great piece to get from the: man/myth/legend

That's such a sweet win man! Glad you won it!


Cheers Grizz! Baby dragon feels right at home :)

  ·  3년 전

Nice unboxing! That 8 is defo a unique collector's piece. Nice addition to the stack!

That is a piece of pure badassery!! The Thomas Edison aint nothin to sneeze at either.


Crazy shit yo!

It is really interesting to look at. You could just put that on a coffee table or mantle as a conversation starter and with a mintage like that, it is probably real expensive.

This coin is absolutely exquisite and the Queen's portrait is minuscule...


Ha ha! Forgot to mention that feature!

wow !!! Collectors coins is really awesome.
Thanks for give us amazing collectors coin..

i'm new your to blog..very nice the Infinity Dragon..thank you for sharing with us..i like your all post..

nice The Infinity Dragon

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