Local Coin Shop Find


The thrill of the Local Coin Shop finds never ends. I, mostly, lean toward the low-end items, as close to spot price as possible. I found these beauties in the junk-box. The owner explained that the .999 Silver content was compromised by the Gold gilded "improvement, enhancement." Somebody paid good money and time, to a skilled worker/artist, to improve these American Silver Eagles. They are also tougher date ASEs. The price was $20(USD), each, or almost $5 under the common date, BU Eagles, sitting right next to them. There may be better ways of stacking, but this is one of my favorite ways. They may now be .998 but they are .999 underneath the Gold "contamination." It makes sense but go figure. Thanks for looking and keep stacking.

I am more entertained going to the Local Coin Shop, than going to the Local Movie Theater

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It is amazing that you would pay more for pure silver than for a mix of silver and gold.


Thanks again, Ronaldoavelino, Thanks for looking.


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You made out like a Bandit...
Sound Money is right around he Corner...
In my opinion, I think you made the right choice...
May 25, 2020... 17.3 Hollywood Time...


Thanks again, Pocket-Change. The problem with sound-money is going to be that it is going to be hard to come by. There will not be much of it around and those that have it will not come off of it easily. Stack while we still can.


The entire purpose of Gold and Silver is that, no matter what the next Monetary System might be, you'll have what it takes to acquire the Currency of the Day... Circulating Sound Money will come in many Forms...
May 25, 2020... 19.8 Hollywood Time...

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Thanks for looking Trendotoken.