The Local Coin Shop


The Local Coin Shop is one of the best sources for Stackers to grow their Precious Metal Stack. Premium today was about 10% over Silver Spot Price. Today, I was focusing on USA Dimes (90% Silver) and added these beauties to the stack:

This hundred+ year old, English three pence was in the dime box:


Just made the cut:
IMG_2693.jpgThanks for looking and keep on stacking.

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Awesome stacking my friend, something very special about the Mercury dime! All those clear tubes for silver really caught my eye! Have a wonderful day and stack on!!🤗


Thanks again for looking, Silvertop. Yes, Mercury/Liberty Dimes have to be my favorite. Mercurys were still in circulation when I was a child, other old coins, too. Even Silver Dollars! Like everything was silver, even some Five Cents Nickels were silver. No Indian Head Cents thought. No, I'm not a hundred years old, I'll be 70, next year. Thanks for your support, Silvertop. And keep stacking.


I remember my friend, I'm right behind you.....turning 64 in June!😀
Strange thing is in my head I'm still 18 !!😇
Have a good evening!!!!


Yeah, me too, Brother.

I have to make a Day Trip to get to my not-so-local Local Coin shop.
But its well worth the trip as I always find something cool, not everything but something.


Thanks again, Kerrislravenhill. Yes, I have even had some, good and memorable, conversations with, like-minded customers, at the Local Coin Shop. I hope you score some good finds on your next visit. Keep Stacking!

ahhh my faves are Liberty's! I have lbs. of Indian Head Cents though but am rarely on till the last couple days. Nice stack for sure


Thank you, Battleaxe. Thanks for looking.

I have nothing like that over here by me. That 1917 is 3d is a great little find.


Thanks again for looking and your support, Welshstacker. Yes, I am lucky to be in a big city and a near good Local Coin Shop. Actually, there is another, across town, that is pretty good, but I can only afford one at a time. Support Your Local Coin Shop. And Keep Stacking.

Great collection. Thank you for sharing those beauty's.


Thanks again for your interest. Kcarchserv.

Spending Power will be very important, on the other side of the Reset...
June 1, 2020... 12.7 Hollywood Time...


Yes, I agree, there will be some kind of reset. It is a mathematical-certainty. But, it looks like you already understand. I wish some of my friends did. Thanks again for your interest and for looking. Stack on!


I know what the Financial Guru's wish they
June 2, 2020... 11.5 Hollywood Time...