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Not silver today, Here is my 2017 premium proof coin set
I do love these premium coin sets, everything is well made and put together nicely wish I had a place to display them all.
its a shame just to have all my coins hidden away in boxes so i thought I'd share them with you lucky lot...... lol



First row top to bottom-King Canute £5,Sir Isaac Newton 50p,House of Windsor £5
Second row top to bottom-10p,1p
Third row top to bottom-new £1,5p,50p
Forth row top to bottom-2p,20p
The 1p,2p,5p,10,20p and 50p all have part of the Royal Arms on them
Fifth row top to bottom-Premium medal, Jane Austen £2,First world war aviation £2,Britannia £2
There is a bit of toning on the 10p,20p and Sir Isaac Newton 50p
The maximum number of these set to be made is only 7500 based on the premium medal

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