Silverpornsaturday silver & knives


Ladies and Gentlemen What is up?

For this installment of #silverpornsaturday I present to you a generic silver round. Boring right? Well maybe not too boring.


So what boring old generic round did I pick?

This one 👇



That has got to be one of the best looking generic round I have.

And check this out. Canadian Tire had a big sale (as they always do) and I scooped up this Cuisinart Japanese steel set for $79 and I had $23 in points. So basically got it for like $60 after taxes. This set retails for about $250.00.


And you probably know I like to cook, and I was using basically thrift store knives for the last year. So I'm glad to have a proper knife set, even if it isn't the best knives going, it's way better than I've been using. I'm a happy shopper today.


Later Gator!😘

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I really need to get a good set of knives eventually, the set you got looks excellent!🤗
A very cool Silver round, a " cut " above a Generic round my friend!!😀


I think it will be an OK set. It's pretty good steel, and seems to hold an edge.


Nice my friend!!!😊

Nice round bro. But I only buy and use quality knives


I had to rely on thrift shops and my sharpening skills dude! I made it work with shitty knives. These are OK, I can make them work.

I don't like knives but I loved this beautiful round!


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Ya gotta have good kitchen stuff if you're gonna be a great cook.

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