#silverpornsaturday: In Gothic style, My First booty from the Nikkei Center Coin Show Haul

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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny objects” ~ The Bloody Raven

As mentioned last week I had the opportunity to go to a well-known local Coin Club show put on at the Nikkei Japanese Cultural Center. I planned to get there with a friend right after my Night Shift work and I had some great finds as well as take in a few of the Cultural exhibits. No, I didn’t go in this Goth outfit.

The #silverpornsaturday tag as initiated by @silverd510 and I’m just following my Sista @silversaver888’s footsteps here.

Here’s my first item from the Show.

10 T. oz Vintage Johnson Matthey Bar

But the story is in the Back

The JM ✖ logo pattern determines the bar type, as in Allengelhard.com

The Crossed Hammers logo is repeated Three Full times therefore this bar type has a known mintage of less than 5000 bars.Considering the final price, I’m sure this will fit nice in the Investment aspect of my overall Stacking Portfolio Strategy.

I’m so happy to get his bar, the rest of the story is that I got this bar as a gratuity for my Nursing services I voluntarily provided for Punky’s Dad’s wife who required monthly Diabetic Foot care. I’m not a fully qualified Podiatrist but I picked up the skills in my past nursing experiences. For a referred professional usually can charge $150 CAD per maintenance session which its not usually covered by the Social health basic Insurance plan.

My service includes nail trimming, Epsom salt foot bath, callous removal, assessment for swelling, cuts, and signs of circulatory issues, bacterial or Fungal infections and identifying other potential disorders associated with diabetic feet. I’ll even throw in the nail polish job too.

The beauty of our arrangement is my voluntary service is a grey area and I need not be paid or even tipped. So, in saving him the Professional fee Punky’s Dad will Tip me in Silver! According to Bartering laws in BC, Bartering is not a taxable exchange. Therefore, my receiving a commodity for a service is considered a barter. What a WIN – WIN arrangement! No Income Tax.

One 10 oz Vintage Johnson Matthey bar for five foot care sessions.

This sexy JM 10 oz bar now joins my 5 oz and 1 oz Johnson Matthey Bar family.

Steel Boned Red Brocade Battle Corset from Fashion & Trendy Club


I hope you enjoyed this #silverpornsaturday feature, thank you for stopping by for a read.

More Show goodies to come!


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons


I work in a Health Unit. I am a Gothic Nurse. - Salutem laboro in Unit. Nonne ego sum Antiqua.

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That is one heck of a silverporn bar, sis, @kerrislravenhill!!! And a good weight too! What an epic addition to your collection of JM Bars! Congratulations on your acquisition. You must have had a blast at the coin show!!! I love it!!!
Have a wonderful Saturday, sis! Take care.


Wish I could have stayed there all day. The Coin show in the gymnasium, the Museum upstairs, the ongoing Akido classes, it was a hive of activity that day and I was running out of steam. Slaept just over 12 hours after that. Better start saving for the next show!

Wow... Some serious heavy beauties you got there sweet Sister 😍 and I absolutly love the cool picture of you... Awsomeness ❤️

Really amazing bars to have in your collection, loved it. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic weekend. Much love 🤗❤️💋🌺


Thank you @saffisara I like this outfit a lot, a bit conservative by Death Punk standards since I've mellowed out of my younger years. The 'Battle' in Battle Corset is now changed because it take a good fight to get into it now!
Thanks for dropping in.

That is a sweet and HEAVY bar!! For tending to feet though.... gotta go at least 15oz. 😉


I enjoy Nursing work, It was like getting a FREE silver bar. It's nice to be in a professional skill that will always be in demand no matter the Economics. Maybe, I should have started volunteer nursing sooner. Or handed around my business card at the coin show and get paid IN SILVER!
Thanks @dfinney for dropping in!

Wow, nice one, and a great story to go with. Nice score.


Punky's Dad started me on Stacking so he's like a brother and in ways a mentor and I owe him and his family so much more than just material things. I felt it was overly generous for him to buy me this bar.

That is one heck of a silverporn bar, sis, @kerrislravenhill!!! And a good weight too! What an epic addition to your collection of JM Bars! Congratulations on your acquisition. You must have had a blast at the coin show!!! I love it!!!
Have a wonderful Saturday, sis! Take care.

Love it. JM bars are one of my favorites and getting harder to find. Great score Lady Ravenhill


More Dealers carry bullion products as I can remember including old a variety of Engelhard, counted 5 Delta bars, GA, and two other bars of small refiners. The Dealer with the Deltas wouldn't allow me to take pictures of them.

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That's a nice bar of silver! And it sounds like you're also getting some karma or something for giving them a good deal on the service. Good for you for helping out. :)


Maybe I could hand out some business cards among the dealers for similar arrangements? If I could make the time to attend the Local coin club.

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Very Nice!

I agree with FINZ (@dfinney) FEET deserves more ozT! 🤣😹😂😹🤣


My client(s) will have the best looking Diabetic feet in town.

As always my pirate Sis your sweet nature brings benefit to you and in this case in the form of an amazing bar!!
Fantastic work and kindness to go right along with a stunning JM bar! Thanks for sharing @kerrislravenhill!!

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I feel more in debt to my Stacking mentor. His family and church supported and helped me recover and heal from a tough past and I'm glad that my services can benefit his family in return.

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Awesome #silverpornsaturday post and a great family of JM bars!!! Thanks for sharing @kerrislravenhill.


My fledgling collection of three J&M bars, Woo hoo!


I hope to get more , most likely the 1 oz size, in the future as I won't see this kind of deal very often for a 10!

Would you believe that a 100 oz Bar of Silver will sell for $350.00 after the Reset...???

It's worth giving it some thought, before it's too late to get Physical Coinage...


I've been asking bank cashiers if they any US coin change floating in their tills, so long as it's not busy.


Makes me wonder if Canada might want to use our Sound Money...

My guess is that the U.S. will have the Monetary System of Choice...
September 23, 2019... 2.8 Hollywood Time...

What an absolutely awesome gift! And a great outfit too. I hope you get good opportunities to wear it!


That is FAR more generous than I really expected. "Then consider it an early birthday gift too."
Sure there are opportunities should I avoid gaining another pound as my belly sags a bit more in the fight against gravity. It's battle just to get my corset on! And I ain't getting any younger.

Ohh that bar is sweet. Thanks for sharing.


Hypoallergenic too, thanks for dropping in!

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Thank you for the support! Arrrh!

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