Simple solutions to a better problem

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Sometimes some believe that it must be complicated to be true or distinctive

In physics exam at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
The question came:
How to determine the height of a skyscraper using a barometer?

One student replied as follows:
Connect the barometer with a rope and swing the rope from the top of the skyscraper until it reaches the ground and then measure the rope length

He did not like his answer to the professor of physics and decided to drop the student in physics

The student then submits a complaint to the university
The university decided to rule on the student's complaint, which confirmed that his answer was absolutely correct
The ruling report says:
The answer is true but it does not indicate the student's knowledge of physics
He decided to give him another chance
He called the student and then asked him the same question
The student said: There are many ways
The judge said: Say it all

The student replied:
We can take the barometer from the top of the skyscraper and measure the time it drops to the ground
Thus we calculate the height of the skyscraper using the laws of motion

Or we can measure the shadow of the barometer and remain flat in the presence of the sun
Thus we know the length of the flap by proportioning between the length of the shadows

If we want a quick fix we can give the barometer to the skyscraper keeper in exchange for telling us the length of the skylight

But if we are going to complicate things, we will use barometers to measure the atmospheric pressure above the skyscraper and measure it on the ground, and through the difference we will calculate the elevation of the skyscraper

The referee immediately gave him the degree after hearing the last answer because he thought that was the right answer
While the student thought that this answer is stupid because it is complex and difficult and that his previous answers easier and easier

NB: This is Niels Bohr, the only Nobel Prize winner in physics in the history of Denmark
And many high-profile awards and honors
Because of his unprecedented contributions to physics
In particular quantum mechanics and his theory of maize construction
Which was published in a popular research entitled "On the composition of corn and particles"

Asked New York Times reporter "Bill Gates"
Who gives hard assignments at MicroSoft?
He said to the lazy employee in the company
The journalist said to him: Why ?!
He replied: Because he will find the best solution in the shortest time
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