Win SBA tokens worth over 5000 ETH in the simplyBrand Pre-sale.

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simplyBrand is an advanced ecosystem that utilizes artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and crowdsourcing to eliminate counterfeit products in the digital commerce industry. Their goal is to restore trust in e-commerce and online product sales. Offering results-driven and viable solutions to this global marketplace problem will lead to a safer and smarter industry for both online consumers and merchants. More information about the company can be found on the simplyBrand official website.

Pre-sale for SBA tokens is Live!

simplyBrand is partnering with Cobinhood, a commission-free cryptocurrency exchange and ICO service firm to launch its first Private token sales. The simplyBrand (SBA) token presale started on the 10th of January 2019 and will be open for participation till 23rd March 2019.

It is important to note that participation in the Pre-sale exercise is open to every individual in every country globally, except citizens of China and the US, due to the restrictions placed by the governments of these countries. More Presale details are as follows:

  • The total number of tokens up for presale: 160,000,000 SBA tokens.
  • Presale Duration: 10th January 2019, 9 AM --- 23rd March 2019, 4:59:59 PM
  • Token Price: 1 SBA = 0.00025 ETH
  • Presale Soft Cap: 4000 ETH
  • Presale Hard Cap: 40,000 ETH.


It is important to note that there will be presale bonuses when cumulative ETH received reaches predetermined points as indicated on the simplyBrand presale page on Cobinhood.

The bonuses are calculated in a unique way. The simplyBrand pre-sale is comprised of 14 stages. At the beginning of the first 11 stages, the top early investors will enjoy great bonuses based on the first mover advantage and according to the value or amount of investment at that particular stage.

Again, to clarify things, please note that the bonuses are given based on the amount of money invested and the participants considered are usually the first ones to participate. Perhaps a more clear illustration can be seen in the chart below.


Rewards earned are as high as 100 ETH worth of SBA tokens for each stage!

This is a really great way to multiply your investment's worth by simply being a first mover! There aren't many ICOs that offer such huge bonuses.

Also, there is an active affiliate program currently ongoing that allows users to earn more tokens by inviting friends to participate in the presale as well. More information about this is stated in the aforementioned link.

There is also a juicy Ambassador program that will kick off after the completion of the SBA token pre-sale by 23rd March 2019! Ambassadors will be chosen as the top 100 accumulators (either by investing or referring people) of the SBA tokens during the presale. These 100 participants will also be eligible to share in a prize pool of SBA tokens based on the final amount of ETH realized by simplyBrand after the presale. The image below serves as an illustration.


As regards project ratings, simplyBrand scored an average of 4.8/5 across a number of third-party ICO rating platforms. You're welcome to find more information on websites like ICO bench ICO top, and ICO creed.

For more information about simplyBrand and the ongoing presale, do not forget to check out the links to the official website and the Presales page on Cobinhood below:

simplyBrand -- Official Website
simplyBrand -- Official Presale page on Cobinhood
simplyBrand -- Official Twitter handle
Partners: and celeb examiner

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as investment or financial advice. As always, readers are advised to conduct proper research before considering a financial opportunity.

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How to participate in this contest? I'm not getting it.

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Hi, it is not a contest. it is an ICO (presale) on Cobinhood. #simplyBrand is on the 6th stage right now and you can join the ICO here:

Please be sure to find out what you can about the project before investing. I have written out some posts about #simplyBrand in the past, you can find them on my blog.

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Looks like this is an great project


Yes it is. please check it out

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