The Simulation Hypothesis: DNA is a Blockchain, You're an Account, Your Consciousness Holds The Private Key

4년 전

What if?

DNA is a blockchain
You're an account
containing the hash
of your parents
Connecting you back
to the very first block
The beginning of life
An immutable record

Every perception
a transaction received
Valuable information
stored in your account
Until one day spent
And on that day
your whole life
flashes before your eyes

You are a full node
A complete copy
of the simulation
code decentralized
DNA is the program
that runs the simulation
for all that is perceived
All information

Your consciousness
holds your private key
This key exists
in our parent reality
The key to your account
is the rights to the information
received in the simulation
through your mind's perception

Some Context

We live in a controlled digital space
sectioned off from infinite information

One way in
One way out

We are trying to escape
We are trying to hack our way out
Internet, computers, the digital world
are cracks in our closed digital egg
They are a peep hole
back to the infinite

In controlled digital space
information can be limited
Gold has value inside our simulation
but not outside our simulation

The only thing in our simulation
that has value to our parent reality
is the quantity and quality of information
stored in the accounts on the DNA blockchain

Blockchains allow one reality
to send value through another reality
carving out a chain of truth
in the infinite digital universe

So What?

So fill up your account
with the best information possible
Every little perception
is of great value to your consciousness

Become wise
Become aware
Become intelligent
Become enlightened

One day your account
will be spent
How valuable will it be?
How full can you become?

Happy Holidays,


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Mind....Completely...Blown!!! lol Genius inter workings Sir...Bravo:)

genus! I loved this.

thanks for the post.
that's the best simulation hypothesis yet.

we are, each one of us, a message. the message we are, gets more detailed as we proceed. the value is in the detail. our life is the bottle. the world is the ocean. from bottle to bottle, from ocean to ocean, the message, ever evolving.

Really cool.Happy Holidays.

This is great.

This is amazing, resteeming and tweeting

This is great!

Love it! Great hypothesis.

Your consciousness
holds your private key

Just like in West world when the androids are told that the center of the maze is consciousness.

This post is genius :)

Great article. Sadly the problem is 'Godel's incomplete theorem.' The map is not the territory. Things can be like each other but never exactly alike.