Home Sweet Home (Back From the Steemit Conference)


Hello Guys...
I've been trying to upload my videos since yesterday, but it's not going through, in fact I compressed it to the least size it could ever be, but still didn't work for me... I guess it's my network. I had to change from Mtn line to Airtel because of the fluctuations, and it's been good until yesterday...
Anyway, I'm back at the studio and that's the most important thing.... Nothing is as good as going on a long trip by road and come back safely with no scratch. I went for the Steemit in Nigeria event at Abuja by road. I spent over 12 hours while going and coming home, it was fun but stressful.
So I'm back and I'm back for good, everyone in the studio as usual and there are piles of work waiting to be attended to...
Just stick around while more videos will role in...
Thanks for stopping by and watch out for my next video.

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