SIN2 Reimbursement updates and videos from SIN2 by Steemjet media crew.

2년 전

Please don't submit your photos on this post, all photos for sin2 9000 Steem bounty should be submitted in the announcement post here

We are very grateful to the generous @dimimp who has recently increased the Steemjet reimbursement budget to by 50% to 9000 Steem. Thank you very much @dimimp.

This post is a simple outline on the dateline for submission of photos for sin2 reimbursement.

  • All photos should be submitted between now and Saturday 17th November, by 11:00pm GMT (12 midnight Nigerian time).

  • List of valid names will be compiled and publish by the Steemjet account on Sunday, 18th Nov, and all participants will have 24 hours to make complains if any name is omitted. (Also confirm that your username is correctly spelt).

  • The fund will be disbursed anytime from Monday 19th, when all the complaints have been addressed.

  • Only photos taken at the event are valid. And payment will be made with consideration to the rules given in the original announcement post by @dimimp.

Updates from the Steemjet Media Departments.

Still in the spirit of SIN2, the head of Steemjet media have made available this video by the media team at SIN2 which include videos of interview sessions of some participants at the conference.

Watch the video above to hear the views of different participants about the events especially for those who couldn't make it to the event.

Most participants expressed satisfaction about the event and the Steem blockchain as a whole as they look forward to more development on the Steem blockchain for users.

Thank you @kristenantai01 and the media crew for making this video available to the community.

Let's make Steem Gr$8 again.

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It was a great event, Chris Ani did a good job on Crypto Trading and Investment. That is one thing dimimp always want, investing in coin which can compete with others in the bull run.

The Media team did well

Thank you for the acknowledgement

It is our outmost pleasure to promote STEEMJET community in every possible ways.


Wonderful, resteemed!

  ·  2년 전

It has been long we started this journey, and as far as a great leader( @dimimp ) is onboard, we can always get bigger and better!!!

Steemit in Nigeria SIN2 was a great event, and i enjoyed every moment spent there... I want to use this medium to thank my fellow @steemjetmedia crew, @dimimp, @steemjet for the support so far on making the event a success and to @kristenantai01 for her uncomparable hospitality and care... She made all the crew that attended feel at home and comfortable, I don't regret to be part of steemjetmedia, because it gives me the opportunity to showcase my media skills and reach the world. I hope @dimimp can look more into what we have to offer as we have a lot going on underground. Thanks once again to everyone that attended SIN2, see you at SIN3.


It was my pleasure dear, you are amazing also

This is just too guys are doing a great job already, keep it up guys

Wow, this video is awesome. Good job @kristenatai01. @emmycapable why were you laughing like someone that won a contest?

It is always a previledge to work for STEEMJET, Thank you for the acknowledgement
And special thanks to @dimimp for making most of my dreams a reality and thanks @steemjetmedia for Thier selfless efforts all the time in promoting STEEMJET

on the wings of superstars we are words and steem....

@steemjet is on fire oh... You guys have published over three posts in a single day... What's the secret guys? Hope it's not the 9k steem reimbursement oh... 😁I just like the energy am seeing around here.. Keep it up!


Look at this young man! 🙄




Revival in the air. Get yourself ready.


@desmoniac you can be funny sometimes. You miss the fun during S.I.N, the party was great.

9ic video baby....
I no know why I just they laugh like chicken for that video...

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am just waiting for this post to be jammed with you know as soon as dimimp responds to this ....😂😂😂😂 if you know you know .

This is very Vlaid compilation, great work, very amazing by @steemjetmedia.
Welcome guys.

Wow... @kristenantai01 😘😘
I now understand why @surfyogi loves Africa.
Yungchief was savage "I dy alright" lol.
Sin2 was cool. ❤️


My ways are always different. There is a rap video I did with emmycapable


@yungchief, send me the video link when it is ready.

Excellence show of art and very generous combination by @dimimp to @steemjet.

great job guys

@dimimp is always amazing, maybe we can refer to him as a generous god of steem

Lol.. This is amazing. I never doubted the expertise of this young lady @kristenantai01 and of course @lordjames.

You guys are simply amazing. A big thanks to @dimimp who made all this and many more possible.


Thanks so much dear for believing in me,more videos coming up for your veiwing pleasure soon...

welldone to the anchor and the mr pilot, @lordjames we are ready to fly with the jet ... lol

Nice job dear....i can imagine all the work the crew put into this video.. Well done! Keep up the good work.

Nice job dear....i can imagine all the work the crew put into this video.. Well done! Keep up the good work.

Kudos to you Mr Pilot

Wow beautiful... Great job.

This is really amazing, this dude is an epitome of a giver. It was at the SIN2 event i got to know about him. I have been on steemit over a year now