The Morning Tide - Brett Studer

4년 전

The Morning Tide - Brett Studer
Recorded 8/19/2017 in Minneapolis, MN
Music & Lyrics by Brett Studer

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  ·  4년 전

Thrilled to see you got this posted - it came out great!!!


Thanks! Yeah about time - but now I'm hooked ;-)

This is so nice! Can't wait to hear more from you :D
I'm going to resteem, you should enter the weekly openmic contests here I think you would do well!


Yes, @spaceballoon , you should follow @juliakponsford 's advice ..... she knows what's happening :)


Lol thanks for the plug <3


Thanks very much @juliakponsford ! I think I 'll try to put something together for this week's


Cool! Just don't forget to follow the rules a lot of people don't lol!

Well done! Welcome to Steemit @spaceballoon! Followed!


Thanks @kommienezuspadt I appreciate it!

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Great Original song @spaceballoon ! Happy to see you getting your music on Steemit. Nice mix and Great performance. 100% upvote , followed, and resteemed :)


Holla! Thank you!

Where on Earth did you come from brother? !!! Please do introduce me to your muse - because wherever said muse resides is the very location at which every musical artist needs to be... Truly OUTSTANDING!


Well, @passion-ground without giving away too many secrets ;-) ... This tune in particular is heavily influenced by Fleet Foxes new album, Crack-Up. Especially the first track.


Thanks for the tip @spaceballoon, I'll be sure to look into them... However, it sounds to me like you have a whole lot more secrets than that! I think it's called "Raw-Talent!"