Disproving the "AI" hype in a paragraph

9개월 전

The "AI" hype is all based on the neuron-transistor analogy. Think for a few seconds. A neuron is 10000x larger in diameter than the transistors in modern computers. Moore's law is said to be the inherent progress towards the smallest possible scale (to still have electrons behaving as on or off signals) of a binary switch. The idea that biology would not follow the same "inherent progress" is of course wrong. Tubulin protein in microtubules are the same size as what is assumed to be end result of "Moore's law". There is a billion tubulin per neuron.

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If anything, it proves that evolution still has a slight lead, but not the same pace as technology.
Also, there are cases of achievements already made by AI, which had to wait until AI made them, and this is the bottom line.
You could make a similar case against internal combustion engines or any other technology.


Make what similar case? With the "AI" hype, I mean the cult of crazy "transhumanists" that believe a "technological singularity" will happen in a decade. What is the equivalent for the combustion engine? Your logical fallacies aren't my responsibility. That the transistor of the brain is not the neurons, does not mean that a technological singularity is impossible, but it means the hype (again, that you somehow think is comparable to some combustion engine example) is nonsense. You will not live forever. You will die. You will not "upload your consciousness into the internet". Etc.