SKETCH process ➡️/// a PORTRAIT ✅ is really hard to do something like this even if is an small A4 new need to give support to those who are doing good work for it ✅✅✅✅⬇️⬇️➡️➡️➡️🖼


It takes me 10 hours to do this portrait
Sometimes is just a picture but went we realize is more Thant that


Is a memory for Life
This is bit of the process of how I work with pictures
Don’t forget leave me you comments
And thank you to all who support me so much in special to @art-venture and @artmaker #artchoiceawards



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You are very talented and skilled:) I am sure the couple was really happy with the portrait:)

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I’ll be there supporting
Thank you


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Nicely done with great attention to detail.

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You could also have used the hashtag "love" for this ❤