Sketchbook Spotlight #1 A place for sketches new and old.


A friend of mine recently posted some sketchbook drawings from yesteryear which were frigging awesome. As someone who struggles to find new and engaging things to post, I thought "why am I not doing this?!?!"

So without further ado... I invite you to Sketchbook Spotlight. A place to share anything in your sketchbook. New or old.



For my first sketchbook spotlight , I will show you what I have always called ...

The Atomic Flower.

I sketched this around 1998. It was going to be a linoleum print and the print was bigger than my sketchbook so I added on.



The irony of technology creating nature was the general point I was going for. Think GMOs and agricultural corporations at the time.

So from that sketch, I transferred it to a linoleum block and carved it.


The color on the block is from hundreds of prints.


I love the black and white version...but the cool thing with printing is that you can make lots of copies to adjust as you see fit. Here is one of the water colored prints.



I know I went well beyond the sketchbook here. But I just wanted to show where it all begins.
I hope that we can get some folk sharing sketches using the #sketchbook tag.

Please feel free to post any sketches in the comments. New or old!
And as always...

Keep being Cool Steemit!!


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I love this! Super glad I inspired you to do this. Great idea for a series of posts. The print turned out awesome but actually the linoleum block itself stained from all the prints is really cool too!
Here is a raw sketch I did the other day in the library with my kiddos while they were coloring. I got a weird look from another parent LOL


This pine tree is my most recent sketch. And for some crazy reason it won't rotate!
So if you tilt your head to the left and imagine a top portion of the tree...



I like your style :) Even sideways


Thanks bub!


I'd probly give you a weird look too . ;P

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Whoah somehow I missed this post until now. I guess I've been distracted and swamped with ... things. Sorry!
You want to see my raw sketches? I'm doing watercolour practices these days and you can see the faint lines of my sketch before I destroyed them with the colours xD xD.
Anyway, I like your atomic flower. And I agree that the b&w is more stylish, it looks pretty cool in a frame as well. Good job, Doctor :).


I was thinking of just doing a regular sketchbook post where folks can share doodles.

I went overboard on this first post.

I like your sketch and this initiative is a good one - I'm always curious about what's in artists' sketchbooks!


I'm willing to bet you have some squares in your sketchbook. :)


Hahaha, no squares, I get more than enough squares in my "day job" making products so in my sketchbook I make all kinds of other crap ;-)
I'm going to post some stuff from childhood sketchbooks tomorrow.

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@carlgnash, @scrawly, @veryspider

Lets see a raw sketch. :)


owoh, i've got so many :O

Here's one i did for carl a few days ago:

I usually just crop 'em to cut away at the sketchbook's edges, but yeah, ink and pencils are the love of my life XD


That looks like a gnashster to me!