Skyroad Skyblock Rules

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Server IP:

Penalty Points

Setting homes on foreign islands

You are not allowed to put homes on foreign islands without the permission of the island owner.

Afk farming

Using the Oregenerator while the player is afk is strictly prohibited!
If you do that your island can be deleted!

Setting Traps

You are not allowed to set traps where other players can be trapped.
Example: Placing Lava at the Island Spawn or Home Teleport location.

Multiple accounts

The use of multiple accounts is prohibited.
For each household, a total of 2 accounts is allowed (at Lan Party etc. just register with the team in our Discord Server)


The use of any additional programs/plugins/mods is prohibited.
Fishingbots, Miningbots or other automating of operations, etc.


Exploitation of glitches and bugs is prohibited.
Duplicating Items by using a bug.
If you find a bug you are obliged to report it to the team!


Use of Hacks is not allowed
Flyhacks, Mininghacks etc.

The points serve as an indicator of the gravity of an act.
Every 30 days, each player is deducted 1 point.
If a user has a total of 5 points, he usually will be banned for the first time 1 day, for the second time 7 days and for the third time, he will get banned permanently.

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