Unforgettable Fireworks Finale at Disneyland + ThoughtArchive: Fragments of the Past 3.21.18

4년 전

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That part of you that you gave.. and can never get back. You're trapped, you're your own past's prisoner. And yet, you crave still for that same reason that put you in there. The kind of drug that gives you euphoria but ruins you at the same time. Like a firework. It was great 'til it lasted. And you despise it, but you'd give every inch of you again, unquestionably, for that same ride. Your remnants are then nothing but broken, aching reminders of the former. And it haunts you like a ghost, an unwanted visitor, a familiar bitter memory.. and without a doubt, you greet it with warms wide open, like a fool that I am.

Above photos were taken in Hong Kong Disneyland last 2011, my first and only trip outside the country so far.


  • A series of notes containing what my mind could muster. May be based from my own experiences or just a brainchild of my imagination.
Fragments of the Past
  • A ThoughtArchive love related section.
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I haven't stopped by and ready your post in a while. Glad I did. Nice photos.
Gut-wrenching essay. Wow. Keep on writing.

I have a new chapter of the novel Andromeda posted
stop by and check it out