Some drawing practice before going to bed

3년 전


What’s up, world?

It was a calm family evening today. @veruccia was reading a book while Ivan and I were drawing, each of us our own stuff. He prefers digital art, and for me, there is nothing better than a good old-fashioned pen. A 2-year-old representative of the new generation against a 26-year-old dinosaur.

Well, this is my today’s practice. I really got carried away and forgot to take process pictures required by Slothicorn as I use this tag. I have only one at the beginning:


And the result:



Don’t forget to check out my Daily Drawing Challenge #9 and win an SBD prize.

Thanks for stopping by!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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the perfect imperfections of pen on paper is hard to beat when it comes to art creation. I love the variation in line you achieve. I am going to check out your drawing challenge, I need a reason to get back into daily drawing. Thank you for sharing your creativity.


Thank you! Hope this will be the reason for you to return to drawing:)

hello friend, this drawing is great, I invite you to my blog and see ronaldo Christian, I made a small video of the process, friend in this new challenge I will be in your contest, greetings and success.


Thanks mate!

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the amazing draw have great day


Thank you!

Love. It actually makes me think of Tank Girl, an old 90's comic.

Oops are we supposed to show process shots for #slothicorn? I don't always, another example of me just living in my own little world. Oh well.

I love your crosshatching.


Thank you! Yes, this one of the slothicorn rules:)

Great picture!! I especially love that you left the lines around it, so she looks like she has some wild energy suppressed in her!

Brother painter, I am worried about you, since I have not seen him for a long time without activity in steemit ?, God take care of him a lot of friend, I imagine that it is reasons of lack of time or is in places with little Internet access. I do not want to imagine that something bad happened to him. God forbid, greetings friend.