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Smart Valor is a revolution in global investment, a decentralised, community based marketplace for tokenised alternative investments. The Valor platform is for Investors to access previously inaccessible investment opportunities and safe-haven protection for your wealth. For asset issuers to provide access to new investor audiences and raise funds faster with guided, fully compliant asset tokenisation. Enabling community contributors to earn monetary rewards, and also service providers to provide support services in this new financial tech.

Artwork by @opheliafu - Dreaming of the moon

Tokenised Alternative Investments

Tokenisation is the conversion of rights to an asset into a cryptographic token issued on the Blockchain. The focus of the VALOR marketplace is on alternative investments and crypto. Traditional alternative investments constitute a rapidly expanding $7 trillion industry – but while they are highly profitable, these less liquid assets are not easily accessible to average investors.

  • Mining Farm - Participate in the revenues of a Cryptocurrency mining farm. Own part of the server infrastructure in the form of tokens.
  • Crypto Fund - Participate in a fund that invests in cryptocurrencies, protocol and utility tokens.
  • Tokenised Gold or Diamonds - Own physical gold or diamonds, safely stored in a reliable jurisdiction. Tokens are 100% backed by the physical assets.

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What are the advantages of putting assets on the Blockchain? There is no need to trust a centralised organisation to keep a safe record of your assets. It is essentially trustless because cryptographic proof (maths bro!) is publicly available. Smart contracts can be created to self execute payments or dividends. Tokenisation allows illiquid assets (equity, gold, fine art etc)to be split and traded with much better liquidity. Instead of waiting for settlement by a machine from the 1940s over 5 days, or waiting for a highly paid exec to come back from their holiday to sign a faxed letter, settlement can be done almost instantly with a public ledger. Ownership of assets can be split into smaller more affordable chunks, maybe share a lambo with your beer buddies. Trading of tokens and can be done anytime anywhere unlike the traditional markets which are only open at certain periods.

Token Info

  • VALOR token is an ERC-20 compliant Ethereum token
  • 100 million tokens issuance
  • 45 million distributed during sale
  • Unsold tokens from 2018 allocation will be burned
  • ICO price CHF 1.00 (Swiss Franc)
  • ICO Start No earlier than October 1st, 2018. No later than December 31st, 2018

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This is not investment advice, always Do Your Own Research (DYOR).

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This makes things a bit clearer. I'm always tyring to wrap my head round 'blockchain' more and more. Having now been on two sites that put my art on the blockchain, it makes sense. It gives it a security of ownership and authenticity.

Our digital world is growing.

Hey nice work on this. I am pretty bullish on this project, if they manage to get CHFt over the line it will add much more global interest to this project. check out my own article on them:

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