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Hello readers, I am excited with what I have for you today. We all have heard about how technology brings about innovation, yes? With the aid of technology many areas of life have been greatly improved, ranging from the way we dress, the way we look, food we eat, homes we live and a whole lot.

Today I will be reviewing on how technology have been used to improved our way of life that has to do with the way we live, the homes we live in and the city we live in. Just as I mentioned earlier technology brings about innovation and innovation in turn, when applied to cities brings a lot of benefits to the residents of such cities. Benefit such as; security and convenience to the residents.

With new innovation in cities today, the world can now apply the term known as smart city in it vocabularies due to the introduction of Smart living using technology. For example; using the Internet of things, has led to the linkage of household appliances, street infrastructures all to the internet for easy application, analysis, utilization, monitoring and proffering of solutions to challenges faced by cities.

Introducing CITIOS

Citios is said to be a multidimensional project. The idea behind citios, has to do with it the utilization/integration of the blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, as well as the use of the Internet of Things in creating a smart city we can live in.

With Citios old/traditional cities can be renovated into a smart city with the integration of the blockchain technology and the internet of things. This will help curtail the challenge of personnel’s (human labor) as the buck load of work will be done by IoT devices.

How It Works

Citios is the collaboration of two unique systems (blochchain &IoT) to create an amazing system using smart contract. The smart contract developed by citios will be used in providing solutions for modern cities in the world.


Citios works with the aid of IoT sensors. These sensors are used to monitor, analyse and predict the situations over a city. For example, the roads present in the cities are equipped with streetlights which utilizes renewable green energy. The IoT sensors are also needed for the timely assessment of the overall infrastructures present in the city, so as to be able to furnish information about crimes, destructions to relevant authorities. As well as prevent disasters from happening in the city.

Benefits Of AIoT Streetlights


Citios Digital Token

Citios digital token will be used for the implementation of micropayments as well as used for all the payment that is needed or required in the citios ecosystem. The citios digital token will serve as the fuel of the platform, this will be use to provide P2P data exchange amongst users of the platform.

The tokens will serve as a means of bridging the gap between users in determining the conditions and obligations of their agreements as it is recorded and stored in a distributed ledger.


With CITIOs Smart cities, the lives of the people will be greatly improved and the need for human effort will be greatly reduced. Citios with aid of blockchain will succeed in transforming the cities in the world by making it easier to enjoy a better life. I can say for a fact that Citios is the best smart city project, so i urge you all my readers to be a part of this amazing opportunity that Citios is offering the masses. How to key in to this opportunity? Kindly make use of the links below:

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