LOGI: One chain to connect them all

4년 전

Logi Chain.png

The time is coming for the ICO to be open for everybody, 15th of May is the date for the pre-sale, followed later on June by the open crowdfunding phase.

Still, we have not talked much about the other Token which will be available together with the SMARC, I am talking about the LOGI token.

The idea is to complement SMARC with a wider reach blockchain protocol which can be adopted by any logistic player, forwarder, shipping companies, and even end clients. With this in mind let us introduce you to an article made by us in regards to what is the main idea behind LOGI CHAIN, and why you should consider acquiring a stake in both our Tokens, LOGI and SMARC. The latter you probably know a good deal so far, a dividend token.


We will keep publishing more information on the LOGI Chain protocol and how you can also be part of the history in the logistics sector disruption.

Let us know your thoughts below!!!

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Love the idea of incorporating dividends and a real company with blockchain.


One of a kind indeed!

Real concept for achieving the goal

All of you must know that @Smartcontainers combines cutting-edge container technology and IoT sensors integrated into a logistics ecosystem. All on the blockchain. This is the basis! Smart chat's group here: https://t.me/smartcontainers @SMARC #SmartContainers #logistics

From the documentation, I realized that LOGI token (LOGI) will be used to pay for transactions in the ecosystem and 5% for the reward program.


Indeed gotfri, it will be a utility token. Not sure what do you refer to when talking about the 5% reward.

i like the perspective very positive

Great project, All of investor must be interested this project,

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Super idea the inclusion of dividends and real companies with bloccano.The team did a good job.