SmartCash and Crypto Making a Difference in Venezuela + A Look at SMART/BTC

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I’ve been finding myself falling deeper into crypto related YouTube rabbit holes lately and actually ended up accidentally stumbling across the following SmartCash video:

As they speak about in the video, Venezuela is actually a really interesting test case for what a nation’s economy, dominated by cryptocurrency, can look like. It really is the first of its kind and it’s cool to see SmartCash leading the PR charge here.

While many of us here, myself included, are mostly in crypto to simply speculate, it is actually changing people’s lives day to day in other parts of the world. We mustn’t forget this.

Anyway, onto the charts. SmartCash isn’t on too many exchanges, but I trade SMART/BTC on HitBTC. Click that link and join me if you’re looking to join the party down here:



Down here indeed. Just look at that daily chart!

Well while we have an optimistic looking intraday chart below, let’s not dwell on that daily too long:



The last time I looked at the SMART/BTC charts, that particular hourly setup also came up and as you can see, is still valid today.

Just finally on SmartCash, I wanted to thank Team @smartcash on Steemit for awarding me the honour of the best article of the week. I’m just happy to be a part of this great community and am happy to just be chatting about a coin I like the prospects of.

Be smart.


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There's currently a vote taking place in the Smartcash community to help Venezuelan refugees in Cucata, Columbia. Please consider giving it a yes vote.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll definitely check it out.

Upvoted and Resteemed :-). SmartCash is the ultimate hidden gem. What this project already doing and going to do for countries like Venezuela is incredible. Once Smart gets on a major exchange, its going to blow up in value. Thanks for sharing @forexbrokr


Yep, you’re spot on about the exchanges. No volume means no chance to properly rip. Get on a Binance or Bittrex and it’ll be a game changer.


Indeed. At some point Smart is going to get on a major exchange and the price is going to reflect the quality of this project. This is the only thing holding it back from exploding in value. I know that the Smart outreach team it's there #1 priority. I saw on discord a lot talk about Smart getting listed on Bittrex with compliance forms being filled out. Obviously, they can't confirm the listing yet b/c of NDA but a major exchange listing is def in the works. Just the only question is when?


Oh wow, that Bittrex potential listing is actually huge! I’m going to have to check out the Discord channel myself.

Thanks mate!


Here's a comment I found on Reddit about some of the best things happening to Smart currently and it checks out.

[–]korben996 2 points 24 minutes ago
Smart has several aspects that separate it from other cryptos. It's one of few coins that allows holders to direct the use of community funds through voting on the governance portal. It's also focused on real-world usability, with the soon-to-be-released SmartCard. Additionally, the SmartBand has had a limited trial release in Brazil where users can now spend Smart at over 2.5m vendors and even utility companies.

Low transaction fee of 0.01 SMART, no matter the send amount. You could send hundreds of thousands of SMART to anyone in the world right now for the equivalent of fractions of a penny. And the release of the SmartCard and SmartBand will allow for fast payments at merchants across the world. Smart's target block time is less than a minute.

The rewards are meant to diminish as each block is added. As time goes on the actual SMART distributed decreases. See here for an explanation of SmartNode rewards. You could potentially make the argument that 100% PoW coins dilute their value through mining rewards, but I don't believe that's the case. Every coin has inflation through some type of rewards, whether it be PoS, PoW, or MNs.

The SmartCard mentioned above has the potential for mass adoption. Smart is well-positioned to become the bridge between crypto and the real world. I don't see many other coins focusing on this right now, and it would revolutionize the entire sphere of crypto.

I guess that depends on your definition of major exchanges. Smart's currently listed on HitBTC, a top 10 exchange. The legal work is being finalized on a possible Bittrex listing, but due to NDA it's difficult for the Smart team to speculate on potential listings until they are announced. It's something they're working diligently on. Right now, it's somewhat easier for exchanges to add ERC20 tokens and this has been their priority. However, we're hoping to see Smart on more large exchanges as time goes on. Remember Smart is not even a year old and these things take time.

You've really spotted the exchange.
Offensive and exiting. This project is already working for countries like SmartCash Final Hidden Gem Venezuela.


For many, crypto isn’t just an investment. It actually changes their day to day lives for the better.

Amazing technology.

Monkey Coin vs. SmartCash.
Cool video and thank you for sharing with us. Many videos or great videos are neglected due to not sharing but I will share it.


Thanks scout. Keep sharing that content and spreading the SmartCash word!


I will do so. Thank you for the support.

It's amazing how SmartCash is actually being used to change people's lives day to day in Venezuela.

Great video.


Thanks Australia! 🇦🇺

It is very interesting what happens in Venezuela and how they are using the cryptocurrency to excel in their economy. The detail is that the government manipulates the exchanges, as is the case of the PETRO currency that is required to enlist it in monkeycoin a real penalty. Thanks for sharing the information @forexbrokr


No worries, glad you found it interesting. See you around!



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