A New Dawn for SmartCash, B3 Coin, and the Human Psychology of Investment in the CryptoMatrix. Plus #SmartRewards and #SmartNodes in the mix!

4년 전


I've got mulling a hurricane of thoughts and ideas stuck in my head, so here goes.

There's been a lot of FUD lately in the SmartCash chatrooms (Slack and Discord) and admin-mods censoring or suppressing it isn't going to make it go away either. What is needed is more dialogue. So, I'm writing this as a powerful pep-talk to lift up the chins of all those silent-stewers bottling it up, who are down over the stagnant price of SmartCash.

This is a Pep Rally: 2018 is the Year of SmartCash

I'm here to reinvigorate people to make 2018 the year of SmartCash. I'm here to turn your frown upside-down, at least for those who are tepid, luke-warm or have a smile on their face, but deep down inside feel insecure about the future of this crypto. When I'm done with you, you'll have energy anew, and regain the urge to power, and be reborn, so we can spread the good message of this community-centric cryptocurrency which has unspeakable potential.

Goodbye November 2017, December 2017 is on Deck

It's only been 45 days since embarking on my krypto-adventure, and during this brand spanking new experience, Bitcoin went from $6K to 10K+, and there is no stopping this train either, and with it, hundreds of altcoins are following behind with great vigor and force, we are witnessing the revolution in full swing. Cryptocurrency is not going away and the more decentralized it becomes the more it's never going away.

Watch SmartCash do "The Triple Lindy" with Rodney Dangerfield, RIP he's frozen solid in cryosuspension (literally).

You know "The Triple Lindy" right? It was the only scheme of that cheesy movie "Back to School" worth remembering. Remember that tired-old underdog revenge Hollywood theme where the outsider dorky kid(s) always overthrows the "evil Americans" to get the cute girl, in the end, you know that theme, it's the theme kinda common in the 1980s and 1990s (think Revenge of the Nerds, Karate Kid, John Cusack films) usually aimed at teens and young adults in their rebellious stage. Well in this rendition of the metaphor about the "kid who doesn't get picked in the high school gym" it was with Rodney Dangerfield and his make-believe nebbish son, who we never see again in Hollywood.

To reiterate, the Triple Lindy was the one moment which made the whole dumb movie worth watching and it's the only thing I can remember about the campy flick, with the exception of Dangerfield combining multiple dorm rooms to make a luxury suite at college. Well, a year from now, in 2018, when new years eve comes again, people will be pouring golden champaign on each other's heads. Get ready SmartCash is gonna do the Triple Lindy in 2018! Come on baby, get excited! 2018 is where it's gonna happen. Hodl for #SmartRewards staking and don't look back.

Now 4 Some Tough Love

It's a reminder so people don't get triggered: Every article I write, I'm going to try to push the envelope in some way, even if it means breaking out of my comfort zone, even if it means repeating certain things to hammer them home, even if it means offending people and saying things which raise eyebrows or irk peoples' sensibilities. Sometimes I-gotta-gets a little salty, sour, sweet and savory -- even if it means egos will be wounded or massaged. I'm sorta that guy who doesn't care what people think, and is ready to move on to bigger and brighter things.


Life is short and there are hundreds of worthy cryptos, so we got to treat this like Texas Holdem and play tight and aggressive, no matter what the outcome, no matter who gets upset or pissed off, no matter if we win or lose. Remember, the goal is with good intentions so we all benefit - even if the road of good intentions sometimes leads to hell. We can be the house or the player in our cryptostrategy, keep that in mind when I whisper vague sweet nothings about SmartNodes.

I have to try to differentiate my communication for my own edification, so it becomes therapeutic, it lets me get stuff off my chest easier, and allows me to be playful when inspired. There is a great hurricane of turbulence within, so writing lets me open the floodgates from time to time, to momentarily release some of the errant tidal winds. I'm secretly having too much fun in the process too.


You better start getting excited, New Years EVE is Coming, and there's a new dawn here for SmartCash, which is much needed to finish 2017 off strong, and start extra fresh with 2018. Dec 31st, 2017 is knocking on the door and is less than 5 weeks away. We're gonna party like it's 1999, because we know 2018 is gonna kick some hynies in a most excellent way.

Pay very close attention and don't get attention-deficit-disorder on me.

You need read this out loud if there happens to be even one mote of FUD dust in your consciousness, it pertains directly to you Smartypants adherents (sometimes called SmartCashians or Smarties) and you are NOT going to want to miss a chance to marinate your SmartCash hodlings for some steady earning potentials in an upgrade. SmartRewards are great, but this just got reraised with SmartNodes, yeah that's a little teaser.... Start building up your questions, get butterflies in your stomach.


*Special Note: It's 10K in $Smart (SmartCash), not $10K USA Dollars (USD). Just in case anyone wasn't sure.

If you're not a millionaire with a lot of money to throw around, you can grow your precious SmartCash golden nest egg in some new innovative ways coming down the pipeline, stay tuned on these hinting points, but wait, first things first. Got 10K in SmartCash? No? Well, you better hock grandma's false teeth and dentures at the local pawnshop. Wait, Not enough cashola? Not enough paper with images of dead geniuses on them? Look at all those dust collectors in your place, the shiny baubles and trinkets, the sentimentalones you've been saving up, come on, hit the closet, look under the bed, no, I'm not talking about the dust bunnies either, time to liquidate anything you haven't touched in 6 months in your residence, it's time to purge these things on ebay. Have a yardsale if you're too damn lazy to pump em on the Internet for a firesale. It's time to clean house folks, get rid of stuff, out with the old, in with the new. Sell your junk, and I don't mean anything naughty by it either. Get your mind out of the gutter.


Ambassadors Retire, Embassies Close, New Writing Guilds Arise

Firstly, there has been some people shuffling among the innerparty, the Ambassador program was finalized. Thank goodness, it was too nebulous on what to do and when exactly reward-compensated efforts would be disbursed for a long while. It was too arbitrary. Finally, people were paid-out, and the whole writing-for-earning program in the SC-forum http://forum.smartcash.cc/ is being re-engineered into a civic writing team structure on Steemit Beta (www.steemit.com) and individuals have been broken up into their current resident countries as national teams. Think of it as kind of a writing special Olympics, because you get paid even if you're writing is no good. It's kind of like highschool and college, effort counts more than anything.

There will be some tell-alls, and a lot of holding back too in the name of both transparency and respecting anonymity in the cryptosphere as well. Decentralized is no longer managing the writing contest, it's now in the hands of Somnium, we welcome you. Decentralized is obviously a very busy man with a lot of irons in the fire, he should be lauded and applauded for being a blinking lighthouse of true-believer zealousness needed to fire up this nascent bee-hive-like coin in a dark sea of too many altcoins. Decentralized is a hero. He helped me get started in SmartCash when I was a crypto-virgin, when everyone else was too busy or too ambivalent to throw me some "SmartCash shekels". I am indebted to him for getting me started when I was wet behind the ears in this crypto-reality, one month and a half later, I'm still am wet behind the ears too. Though now, I broke three investment goals in SmartCash.

People were frustrated during the interim of management shuffling. The first writing contest had ended on November 6th, 2017, but there was no communication about who the winners were for more than a week. People were submitting articles to the Ambassador program and getting nothing but crickets instead of real feedback. Many people felt demoralized, felt despair, as if the community building was being managed by glib and manic pollyanna types who embraced the 2nd-world manana attitude toward life. It made people feel dirty like they didn't matter or that SmartCash was just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

I realize people are burned out on too many people "always not doing what they say or saying what they don't do", especially in the cryptosphere, but people should exercise a little patience, mellow-out and not get so hot in the pants. SmartCash is on the rise after its birth in July, it's a new cryptocurrency, there are going to be hiccups, potholes, swerves, detours and the occasional roadblock on this great journey.


Mellow out people, if the local wallet is stressing you out, cool down, and get the webwallet. There are going to be glitches and stitches in the local wallet. Everything is a work in progress. No doubt setbacks are coming down the line. Just take a deep breath, we'll get through them together and if not, remember, no attachments, all is impermanence anyway. We are losing nothing in the end, we only gambled what we could afford to lose and the upside is the stars, and we are going to the stars to colonize the galaxy and then the universe. However, in the meantime, I'm asking people to embrace life with a yes-fanaticism, which means you can and will manifest your dreams on at a time. Don't lose spirit or momentum. Don't put blame on any one individual, we're all human, and human error is what makes it all interesting. We need to have compassion for the people running the show behind the scenes. What matters is we weather the storms together. What matters most is when problems arise they are dealt with in the philosophy of "stay cool in a crisis", and so far with all the drama the SmartCash innerparty gets, they deserve an A-/A for captaining the ship through doldrums and typhoons.


You don't realize how lucky you are to be alive, really, you don't realize what a fuh-king miracle it is to realize you are an aperture by which the formerly unconscious universe can experience itself. You are the universe, experiencing itself. You finally figured out you are the eyes, the ears, the tongue, the touch, the emotions, the life force of the universe. The universe is experiencing itself through you, beforehand it was unconscious.

Let me gently slap the FUD out of you with a soft flannel glove with a story of love

Can I tell you a little abstract story about a 20th century Romeo and Juliet to hit the point home? He was a handsome, old-fashioned and loyal young man living in the city -- he was cosmopolitan, intelligent, ambitious, witty and dreaming of love. She was a country farm girl, svelt, sultry, with the body of a ballerina and wanting nothing more than to be a fanatical love-making-machine housewife, they were soulmates to be, but they never met because there was no Internet in existence at the time.

Get it now? So put the damn Lambo Fire out in your mind.


Fast forward to the present, you can actually fulfill your dreams, not just the small and medium ones, but the big ones too, so I'm asking you to dream big, and I will keep on asking you until you either shut me out, or scream yes in the silence of your mind to the cosmos. Come on pump your fist in the air right now and say Yes to existence, Yes to consciousness and to life, Helluva YES.

To put the English Philosopher Alan Watt's words in my own wild twist:

It is your eyes that evoke the light and rainbows where drunk Lepracons break-dance on pots of bitcoin gold, it is your eardrums that evoke the bone-throbbing sounds of DJ Tiesto spinning in a stadium called Amsterdam arena, where everyone is dressed in White and tripping their brains out on magic mushrooms, LSD and ecstasy, it is your nose tilted to the sky that wafts inward those fragrant mary jane smoky perfumes. It is your heart pounding when you watch some guy put 40,000 euros on a number in a casino in Monaco and he hits the number, earning over a million years in one wheel spin.

Right now, slap yourself in the face gently and wake up, get out of the trance, we have thousands of cryptocoins we can get involved with and radically change the world beyond our raucous dreams. Few of these coins reward people with cryptos for coming up with creative ideas and spreading the word.

No one is asking you to have a monogamous relationship with SmartCash and get married for life, so now that you're free and in an open relationship with SmartCash, you have no iron ball and shackle-chain on your ankle, explore all that SmartCash has to offer with no attachments, no obligations, and no overly complicated red tape that's impossible to manage. The forum is waiting for you and if you're out of ideas, go spend a weekend intensely studying how to meditate, it will open up the limitless fountain of your imagination if you're indeed lacking in an explosion of creativity. Now try throwing yourself hard into this coin and giving it your best shot.

FUD: Let fear, negativity, uncertainty, depression, and despair be like falling raindrops into your ocean of bliss

It's easier said than done.

I keep seeing people in the chat rooms coming in with FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt). I try to sympathize with them and feel compassion, these are natural-healthy emotions. I think the admin-mods should rather than purge these individuals as a short-term solution, a different approach is called for instead. People having fear this cryptocurrency is a Banana Republic Central Bank, where the insiders print coins at will, is a normal fear for people to have. People are skeptical by nature, it takes time to prove a track record.

I've had a 100% success rate talking with FUDDERS in private messages. When people have panic attacks over this cryptocurrency, as I have in the past when my own local wallet broke, I try to sooth them. People did that for me in the past and it got me out of my funk. I try to do the same for others. Pay it forward.


If someone can't handle a pump and dump, because of the price collapse or because of some local wallet drama, I tell them this:

Put all your SmartCash in the webwallet, and walk away from it for 13 months, until the 25th day of the month at the end of this long segment of time. When I let people know peaks and valleys are a necessary part of every coin, it helps and enables people to think about vaster periods of timescale. If you know some who becomes apoplectic when the price of SmartCash falls, tell them what I wrote above (throw your SmartCash in the web wallet and walk away for 13 months), it works wonders. Get them Fudderz into retirement-minded investor mode (something which is hard work mentally), then the days, weeks, and months no longer matter, it's the years which count. I'm learning a great deal about human psychology going through these anxiety-inducing swings myself and witnessing how others react equally as I do myself.

The price swings are really teaching me a lot of discipline, being so new to investment and to be frank, i've been doing some really idiot things, like buying high and selling low a few times. I had experienced temporary insanity with bitcoin cash, I bought at .28 and dropped it at .18, when I thought I better get out before it collapses even further. The day trading mindset newbies like me have is going to take great work to overcome. I think I'll just stick with the long-term "hodl" strategy no matter what the outcome. It's actually less stressful.


This is Odyssey is epic, is a song, is a saga, we are watching a token/coin which is pennies right now and will someday be dollars, or it will implode and the insiders will run off with an invisible pile of bitcoins as the FUDERS suggest or suggested. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, say it out loud 3x.

In every crypto-investor that's the fear, isn't it? I can't say it's good or bad, as healthy skepticism is warranted.

I say push out the fear and doubts, become a naive child again and throw your heart into it. SmartCash will never go back to pennies in the years to come, so tune-in to Excelsior: onward, upward to the loftiest heights, no turning back.

Is SmartCash the Bitcoin of 2009 as I asked before in another Steemit post? Yes, if it can build a track record, in fact, I think it might potentially be even better than Bitcoin if the insiders lower the transaction fees significantly and take the Zero-coin protocol to the next level by making the IP transactions private too. This would make SmartCash equal to bitcoin taken to what it was meant to be. I also think 10% of the transaction fees should be coin burned, which is to say 10% of the transaction fees are removed from circulation forever, but from what I hear right now, SmartCash, is not favoring or considering any coin burn suggestions.

bitcoin-in hand.jpg

SmartCash Only Needs A TIME-TESTED Track Record To Join the Pantheon of Bitcoin

Is bitcoin going back to 9 cents? Why should SmartCash in the next 3 to 5 years go back to where it is today?

Is bitcoin going back to 6 dollars, when my stupid ass should have bought it, and had the chance in 2011? Why should SmartCash go back to the single or double digit pennies in the next 3 to 5 years? SmartCash will likely never be less than $10 in 5 to 7 years.

Is bitcoin going back to $1000, or $5000?

Not a chance. So while SmartCash is floating in the penny stock range, you won't get this chance again, seriously, how do I chisel that into your head. So, What I'm asking people to do is find their inner Zen and exercise patience when deadlines aren't met in community building efforts, don't be demoralized if a contest ends and there is no communication for a week, don't lose your spirit. There is a new guy running the show. Out with the old in with the new.

You are the REVOLUTION

The cryptocurrency revolution is still in its infancy, even if bitcoin was born in 2009. SmartCash is kind of like a boutique cryptocurrency with cottage industry style community building, have faith, squeeze tight and don't just have hope, get active on the forum, get some creative projects brewing and let's get this party started.

To the pedantic, let me reiterate this: relax when dates aren't met, relax when the wallet is buggy and needs to be updated, relax when the price of SmartCash collapses right after the SmartRewards date comes. Or right after SmartNodes payout.

This is my last warning to you in 2017

This is your last chance to buy it cheap, when boring historians come back to read my long-winded diatribes in the years to come, they will either laugh at me for being a starry-eyed puppy who always came back even after he was kicked, or they will see me as a prescient crytoprophet with beginners luck. What's it going to be in the years to come, depends on you and me, whether we make our investment mean something or we sit like spectators in the nosebleed seats in the stadium of life.

You're gonna do summersaults in the sky on the sidelines with the cheerleaders? OK, Welcome and Good.

You're gonna play ball? Great if YES. You're gonna battle in the arena? Hellyea, give me some motivation to join you!


Are you gonna sit in the last row with binoculars and fart on the amplifying aluminum bleachers and make everyone deaf with your FUD?

What's it going to be?


SmartCash Community Building Writing Teams Colesce

Get your write on.

I'm on Team America and I hope to make some contributions if and when I can, life is moving fast and I want to take advantage of sharing what I learned so far, so early-on in my 6-week-old adventure into cryptocurrency and hope you will do the same (share with me) as time permits.

Let's see how this plays out with different world states -- like the UN -- competing against each other as loosely affiliated groups of crypto citizens. Plus there is a brand new writing contest which I want you to get involved with right now, the second one so far, make sure you check it out here https://forum.smartcash.cc/t/the-100-000-5-winners-smartcash-writing-contest-round-2/1501

Things are moving and changing behind the scenes on the SmartCash forum (see link above or below in appendix section), devs are shaking things up on their projects, managers of community outreach programs are being purged and replaced, so there is no stagnation in SmartCash, none. There is a metamorphosis in more complex and robust connections being built with SmartNodes in the pipeline. SmartCash is a keeper and becomes more solid for prospects of long-term investment from what I've seen so far in the short time of my tenure here. And the whole world of cryptography is on my horizon. I can't wait to learn more about everything and every coin worth inquiring into. Too many coins, too little time.


SmartRewards is Still Kicking Hynie!

August 25th, 2017 = 400%!!

September 25th, 2017 = 38%!

October 28th, 2017 = 25%! (this one annoyed a lot of people because the insiders didn't keep their word to release it on the 25th)

November 25th, 2017 = 14%!

December 25th, 2017 = 5% to 10% rough range, estimated to be 7% or 8%.

You would never in a million years get this kind of earning in a conventional bank. My shyte credit union gives 1% a year with fiat currency, to heck with them.

The posted rewards above clearly point to a downward concave curving slope and that's important because SmartNodes are coming. It's a big mystery the payout. I'm hoping for SmartNode pools.

So check this out again, to re-iterate the first cycle paid 400%, second cycle paid out 38%, the third cycle paid out 25% and the fourth cycle paid out 14%. I missed the third payment so I had to wait patiently for 6-weeks to finally gain some earnings on my hodling and was happy as grouchy in a garbage can when I got my 4-figure bonus on the 25th of November. I waited for it on pins and needles. It was a big deal to me, because it was the icing on the cake for winning 20K SmartCash as a runner-up in the first writing contest (which I didn't stake yet), which I was deeply touched over. I'm glad my long-winded diatribes were worthy enough to win in the top 5. Not to mention splashed with some awesome graphics.

SmartCash Insiders Keep Your Word

The 3rd SmartCash payout was a drama from what I hear, they delayed it 3 days, that's not good in terms of keeping their word, I will admit, but SmartCash not only honored its 4th SmartRewards on time with a variable 14% payout, but there are some exciting new programs to be announced concerning their version of MasterNodes. You're going to be hearing a lot about Smart Master Nodes and how the staking works, so stay tuned on it, you don't want to miss this opportunity for what I'm going to share with you (I'll only provide a teaser with some images). SmartCash is adapting, keeping its commitments and opening up the opportunity for people who are holding 10K SmartCash tokens to make some Smarty Cashola. Keep this word, Masternode, in the back of your head for now, as I want to talk with you at a later time about how SmartRewards and SmartNodes can be combined for even better earnings! Yes, you heard that right, you can combine them!


SmartCash has opened the door in an alternate universe for me. So, on a whim, "because that's how I roll", I decided to buy 300,000 shares of B3coin to hedge my bets and broaden my portfolio from beyond just exclusively holding SmartCash. B3coins are really inexpensive, I got in on them when they were in the double-digit satoshis and declining toward oblivion. It was what I could afford given my financial situation is significantly tighter than it has been in many years. Broadening my horizons from SmartCash means buying cryptocurrencies which cost nanopennies because im near broke - I've been buying stuff in the single satoshi range treating the bulk orders together in the 100K units range as a single lottery ticket.

Yes, you read it correctly, I bought 300K B3coin and I'm treating it as a single lottery ticket. B3coin has hyperinflationary staking and it just ended, because it nearly crashed their coin into the abyss. The abyss is when you go below 1 satoshi in BTC trading and cryptopia no longer allows you to trade BTC for it. B3coin collapsed and they had to ask cryptopia to suspend trading, because the b3coin insiders didn't want to go the way of embercoin, which is for all intents and purposes a dead shytecoin.


Why B3 coin?

I'm trying not to "put all my eggs in one basket" and right now my basket has a lot of SmartCash "golden eggs" or "bees" or "little pots of honey" or whatever you want to call them. Years ago a millionaire told me the secret to his success was putting all his eggs in one basket (contrary to what everyone else says), which for him was playing the stock market like a dragon hoards gold - where the top performers use the strategy of narrow your holdings - which means focusing on just a few stocks and investing intensely into them. That strategy worked for him, he day traded his way to 10 million dollars worth of Bank of America stock. Too risky, too scary for me. Thus, against his advice I'm going to continue branching out and sharing what i've learned so far, don't put all your eggs in one basket, but also research what you get involved with. So I bought into B3 staked 300K and now have more than 2 million B3coins, but since the price on them is destined to fall, did I make a wise decision?

I'm learning a powerful lesson, consider staying away from cryptocoins which hyperinflate their circulation through staking.

No Hyperinflation with SmartCash

One of the reasons I love SmartCash is there is no hyperinflation with their rewards (it's declining each month). Even given what I tend to know, I decided to spread out and by doing so I've learned a great deal about what to do and what not to do. This crypto journey began with SmartCash for me on a recommendation from a friend right after I lost my job and I'm grateful for this turning point in my life. Six weeks into my sojourn into this complicated new cryptosphere, I realize I have to expand out a little bit and see what else is out there, but so far I've made some disastrous moves. I got in with B3coin, my staking is growing, I went from the hundreds of thousands into the millions in terms of units, but they are essentially worthless right now, worth below 1 satoshi and I can't even trade them. I'm going to have to wait a very long time for B3 to turn around and I'm willing to stay patient.

I mentioned here and there briefly I was a runner-up in the first SmartCash writers contest

I've reached a major milestone in my SmartCash journey, I was a runner up in their writing contest and won a nice sizeable amount of cryptocurreny, 20,000 SmartCash, which helped me make reach a 3rd major milemarker, crossing over the 50,000 SmartCash goal I formerly set. My 2nd major mile marker before this most recent goal was 10,000 SmartCash and my 1st major milemarker was 1,000 so I could start earning SmartRewards. My next goal is 100,000 SmartCash, so I'm hoping I can be a runner-up in the 2nd SmartCash writing contest.


Lessons from the CryptoSchool of Hardknocks

As a newbie krypto-baby in the cryptosphere of trading, I'm learning a lot about myself as I gamble on cryptocurrency, mostly things I already knew in my heart of hearts, but these things I'm reminding myself about are no longer abstract, they're no longer tucked away and repressed. Why did I go against my better judgment and invest in a hyperinflated currency? I found a really smart man named My Frogger in the B3 discord chat, I took the 300K in b3 coin I bought and split it in half into 150K halves, I put 150K into the official B3 staking and 150K into the my frogger B3 staking, and you know the exact opposite of what I thought happened. I thought the official B3 staking would earn more but it didn't, however, the unofficial myfrogger.com pool earned me a lot more. Combined (official and unofficial) I now have something like 2 million B3 coin which at 1 Satoshi, isn't worth very much, but it's more than what I started with: 300k. In the end, I'm behind, but hopefully, this will change in the future!

I'm impulsive and spontaneous to a detriment when it comes to cryptocurrency and now it's going to take reprogramming my brain to be otherwise.

Day Traders Pay Dearly, HODLERS (Hold on for dear life) Always Win in the End

I find myself buying single and double-digit satoshi cryptos, and being unable to hold on to them when they go up a single satoshi. I have to stop treating my investing strategies like I'm at a "casino", hoping for quick gains and getting out quickly ahead.


I have to remember this is cryptocurrency game requires a long-game approach. What would have happened if I bought Bitcoin at 6 cents in 2009 and sold it at $1, I'd be wracking my brain today. Just as much as if I bought it at $10,000 today (I sure as hell can't afford that) and sold it for $100K and wracked my brain when it hit $1 million. It's becoming more and more clear as I experiment with day trading, that my gut reaction was right when I first got started - which was the idea HODL, Hold On for Dear Life, as the best approach, period. Day trading is too emotional, and too exciting, I'm glad to be squandering a thousand here and a thousand there, but this has to stop. I can't go on like this playing the cryptopia roulette wheel, I'm going to buy and hold going forward as best I can. It's hard to not sell when something goes up.

The SmartCash I bought a month ago at 3 cents is still doing well at 5 cents today, but I refuse to sell it, that's my long-term investment. Now I gotta get out of this casino mindset and make my entire portfolio about the patient future.

I've been trying to watch YouTube videos about cryptocurrencies religiously, the matrix has immediately started to communicate with me, whispering, elucidating warning signs, revealing markings of danger, and showing me patterns of risk, which repeat like clockwork. I'm learning but making a lot of stupid mistakes too.

The first red flag I've begun to notice is: one should stay away from cryptocurrencies with high staking rewards.

(For those newbies to cryptocurrency, staking is akin to banking CDs, you lock up the money for certain periods of time cycles and you get % interest. For instance, Banking CDs are like staking, but they suck, they're essentially a scam because they give you less than inflation.) Banks suck.

Don't become a shytecoin

Embercoin was giving people hyperinflation staking rewards, and today, they were delisted from cryptopia for trading with Bitcoin, now the only way to buy Embercoin is with some lesser currencies like litecoin and Dogecoin.

Here is the message on Cryptopia about Embercoin, check this out: Oh, No! Crypto DEATH!

"Market Closing. Due to the inability to maintain a price above 1 sat, the [Embercoin] EMB/BTC market is closing. Please use the EMB/LTC market instead."

(please use Ember Litecoin market instead, ouch, no more BTC)


Cryptocurrency Lesson I learned as a newbie:

Newbies repeat this 10x out loud in the mirror.

  1. Never buy into cryptocurrencies that offering amazing staking rewards.

How high is high?

I have no idea how high.

I just know that I've studied the charts of high yield cryptocurrencies and what you see is a "ski resort effect". The ski lift is your upbeat attitude about life. Your hopes of striking it crypto-rich is your tramway to the sky, you start out with big expectations. Then it's up and down, up and down, but all in the downward direction. It's a friggin ski slope! Your darn coin is a #skislopecoin!

You buy in a little too heavily, opting out of proceeding with caution.

The price might go up, then it goes down a lot more, then up a little bit, then down a lot more, ultimately it's plummeting at a slow steady pace. The charts of the hyperinflated cryptocurrency over time looks like the bunny slopes of a luxury ski resort. Seriously! Look at the charts!

You're not climbing the American Rockies of the West, you're actually skiing downhill after being suckered into it, or suckering yourself into buying high. People are still making money with the highs and lows, but the result is downward. I'm not savvy enough to play those coins.

So much for buy low, sell high, with cryptocurrencies that don't set a hard limit upfront of their maximum currency. You are destined, more often than not, to feel the pain. I did. I have millions of worthless B3coins, but there is hope on the horizon! They are actually doing some intense coin burning! Maybe they will pull themselves back from the brink! I'm going to wait patiently for my millions of B3 coins to grow in price. I pray to the CryptoGods, please give me a miracle! Please pull me out of the grand abyss.

I'm finally beginning to realize the best crypto lottery tickets are the coins which are low price, low maximum circulation, and great teams. Those are really easy to spot on Coin Market Cap if you do the research. Seriously humor me, and play with the drop downs and then click on the different column descriptions, some interesting things are revealed and now you have some cryptocurrencies you can do research upon.


Lastly, I want you to go buy 10,000 SmartCash + any transaction fee costs, and get ready for 2018. It's SmartNode time, get on the chat groups, ask questions, talk, and turn even the most remotest of your FUD into a Masternode. New channels are now available on Slack and Discord.... Look for #SmartNodes, close enough, you'll find it, now click on it. Don't be shy.

That's my long-winded diatribe, I had to get it off my chest, it matters not if you read it all or not. You can find me on Discord as MarkyPooh or Markrypto on slack. FUD is natural and healthy, but too much of it can be deleterious. Message me if you got FUD on your mind, I'll talk you through it. Sometimes we just need someone to lean on. Others have helped me too when I've been down.

Now keep this word: "SmartNodes" on the tip of your tongue. I'm done. Thank you for joining me in this episode of long-winded rambling diatribe, see you next time. Bye.

PS: What's my SmartCash address for donations? Here goes...

COFFEE ME PLEASE, SmartCash Address: SYxZuBYXx8mJvyNBezjiUuxMEWpB4w3hmZ


*Special Note: It's 10K in $Smart (SmartCash), not $10K USA Dollars (USD).

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Great piece my friend i like your philosophy and i love Alan Watts :) here is too a 2018 for SmartCash that we wont forget !!


If you like Alan Watts Check out these 3 video-montage beauties listed below. They took me a month apiece (4-months) to direct-produce, setting me back (costing) in the low 4-figures for each one. I hope to be wealthy enough someday so I can produce one of these per month until I'm gone.

These are my gifts to the future generations of humanity when I'm long gone someday. I'm dreaming of inspiring a world where people take 100% responsibility for their life no matter what anyone does to them and no matter what curve ball life throws their way. It's a mindset where people take full control of their lives regardless the hand they are dealt each day.

  1. Captivated by the Drama

  1. Eternal Now

  1. Why the Apple Tree Apples (my favorite)


Nice read, made me smile multiple times )) I would have spent a month writing something this long ))


Always warms my heart when I hear my writing makes some one smile. To write an article this long, you just got to let it flow.

Great article man! Worth taking the time to read it. Here for the long haul aswell!


We gotta fight the FUD with love and compassion, not with censorship and suppression! Cheers for your kind words.

What a nice post !!


Thank you buddy!

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Amazing you have earned so much in smartcash. I spent so much time on steemit just curating and still not even close to the earnings you have in smartcash. I got hooked to after receiving some tips on smartcash. I am in the progress of buying up to my first 1000 to setup a wallet to earn interest. Day by day I anxiously await for my funds to get unlock. Two days is too long....


You should have 1000 smartcash in a web wallet and 1000 smartcash in a local wallet, just to hedge your bets. I had wallet drama last month, and nearly had a nervous breakdown, so in the words of Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain" literally. I wrote a steemit article about my wallet drama, and one of the tech guys in support literally spent time with me to get it solved. Im less than 2 months into the cryptocurrency world and i'm very unfamiliar with the kind of issues that arise, so when they come it can be overwhelming. Please get on Slack and Discord in the support channel, and don't give up, no matter how much it hurts. Hang in there buddy.


Thank you for your kind Thought


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withdraw SYxZuBYXx8mJvyNBezjiUuxMEWpB4w3hmZ


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Hockleyj, this means the world to me, every little bit helps towards achieving my goals

Hey mark congratz for another great post.Cheers


Thank you buddy, I hope the rich graphics and language brought some smiles and giggles to peoples' faces.

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I apologize, but I'm less than 2 months into the cryptocurrency world so I don't understand what you're suggesting or meaning.


Someone bought a @buildawhale vote to promote your post.


I don't understand how that works. But thank you.


I do not have enough power to vote on Steemit. So I send some amount to @buildawhale, and he votes for your post. The amount of voting can be very different, depends on luck. Generally @buildawhale is a bot for voting. Everyone can send him 1 sbd and promote its post or post someone else.

Wow... this is great news about smartcash. I love hearing more like it in the future.


Totally, I love hearing about new projects and programs, it really keeps you on your toes and things exciting. Cheers.