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Venezuela in Humanitarian Crisis

Unless you've been living under a rock, or don't watch TV and don't use the "Internet Machine" (as Judge Judy calls it), you've probably heard about the catastrophe befalling another failed socialist state in the Americas, you likely know with whom I'm referring to in the spotlight right now.... this time it's Venezuela, and its economic depression has sent ripples through South America too, especially since all its neighboring countries have been trading with each other for centuries. The financial crisis in Venezuela is affecting all of South America because it's spreading logic-based insecurity within the International investment community. FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) isn't always bad, sometimes FUD is good, sometimes FUD is wise caution, sometimes FUD is smart. Who wants to throw their hard earned money down a perpetually flushing toilet? Who wants to invest in a country run by greedy parasites who look at the citizens as cows to be milked dry?


Venezuela the Harbinger?

In many peoples' minds, they are wondering which neighboring country is next? Which banana republic nearby is going to follow as the dominos fall? Whether it turns out this way or not isn't the issue, this is the natural thought on the mind of the average savvy investor who might already have a stake in the region or is considering investing in the area. The good news is cryptocurrency is a wildcard, which might actually provide a kind of counterbalancing force, a kind of evolutionary adaption or a "reverse market correction", so to speak. More specifically I'm referring to the not widely known fact the cryptocurrency SmartCash is a new addition to Venezuelans who might want to hedge against their own fiat currency called the Venezuelan Bolivar (or 'Bolivar' for short). Alas, the Bolivar went off the Gold Standard in 1930. We all know what happens to currencies which are no longer backed by precious commodities, very simply, they begin their terminal decline when the printing presses start rolling at prodigious rates. And the printing presses do invariably start churning out paper with higher denominations as time goes on.


Just when you thought the Marxian-Utopian vision of totalitarian-authoritarian centralized planning (fascism and communism are ugly twin sisters) had died in the bowels of the 20th century, with the unfortunate loss of 100 million other people in social-engineered artificial famines, militarism, purges, waves of repression, government terror campaigns and gulags, suddenly reality tells you that you're totally wrong. Centralized planning taken to the extreme keeps popping up all over the world. However there is a cure for centralized planning, it's called cryptocurrency, especially SmartCash. SmartCash could potentially be the cure to fascism, socialism, crony capitalism, authoritarianism, and communism, for the reason it can't be totally controlled - it's decentralized.

SmartCash coins can be washed clean too, it's a truly transnational form of fungible money. You're going to be hearing a lot about zero coin protocol in the future since it takes cryptocurrency to the next level. You are also in the future going to hear about the idea of totally anonymous transactions ala no-IP tracing tor style privacy. Many if not most cryptocoins or cryptotokens keep a record of the IP where a transaction took place in the blockchain, imagine in the future a blockchain where one can keep their IP anonymous? This will usher in the age of truly anonymous cryptocurrency.


What the Hell is Zero Coin Protocol?

Simple: "No Baby Momma Drama."

Some cryptocurrencies are easy to trace, they store their entire history in the blockchain, including the IPS of the sending and receiving parties. A small but growing number of cryptocurrencies are embracing zero coin protocol which means you can erase the history of the coins you are holding. This means no baggage!

Imagine someone uses cryptocurrency for nefarious purposes. Now let us say, later on, the cryptocurrency in question ends up in your hand unbeknownst to you of its shadowy past? The currency is poisoned because it was used in a criminal act. Now the establishment can theoretically say, we think you might have acquired this money for unsavory purposes, or they might say this money was used for illegal purposes, therefore, you can no longer own it, we are going to take it from you as part of our "criminal investigation". What are you going to do when the long arm of the law reaches out for your local wallet with a court order? Nothing because a judge will say they have legal precedent on their side.

It's this zero coin protocol which makes SmartCash a diamond in the rough. It makes it hard for fascistic, socialist, communist or capitalist governments to track, and therefore tax your holdings too if you ask a trusted friend to hold your numbers for you and they wash them for safe keeping when you need it on a rainy day. It means you're less like to pay for Uncle Sam's endless wars.

Don't want to pay for neoconservative and neoliberal militarism which is taking millions of lives all over the world? Using cryptocurrency might actually help reduce war in the world. It forces governments to print more money, which causes more inflation, which inspires people to join the cryptocurrency world. The Federal Reserve is not only stealing your money through inflation, it's also stealing your time and it's artificially pushing you into a higher income bracket to take more of your money.


No problem, take the risk, take the plunge, and put your money into cryptocurrency. Stop funding the madness! Decentralize!

Venezuela in History Repeating itself

Venezuela is an unfortunate echo of history:

Mismanaged Government, plutocrats enriching themselves to the extreme at the expense of the people, and centralized planning by politicians who haven't the foggiest clue about local economics. The sad reality is the ignorant masses will always vote for big government partys who promise lots of "Gibsmedat" and people will flock like flies on dog shit to politicians who blame the successful for the reason why you're so po' and ignunt', there is an element of truth to the fact why some people are successful in this idea of the rich exploiting people, but for the most part the world makes progress because of new generations of clever entrepreneurs and tenacious scientists. Successful people are not always the boogeymen they are made out to be.

Venezuela Falls

Whatever the complicated or simple case may be, people are starving in Venezuela, and you won't find a single stray domesticated animal in the streets. People are so hungry they're even eating their own house pets. Food lines are long, grocery stores are empty, in a number of words, "people are eating the paint off the wall". Murder is sky high, so high it's barely recorded because the police are overwhelmed. The Venezuelan government wants to keep the crime explosion in their country on the down low -- above top secret -- the last thing they want is an external military intervention, especially not by the USA. Not only is crime astronomical in Venezuela right now, but a lot of hideous things are going on too that are almost unspeakable.

Now you are beginning to understand why the slow-burning cryptocurrency revolution just might save humanity. It just might actually lessen corporate welfare, militarism and authoritarian power mongering whether socialist or fascist. Long live the death of centralized planning! Long live the stabilization of all countries through cryptocurrency.

Great Hope For Venezuela

On December 1st, 2017 it was officially announced that SmartCash cryptocurrency would be added to the MonkeyCoin Exchange in Venezuela. Though this didn't make much of a blip on Cryptocurrency's breaking news radar, this is a very big deal given this 5-month-old burgeoning currency (SmartCash) is on the march, for several reasons as follows:

First: There are only 193 countries in the world.

Firstly, MonkeyCoin Exchange has state recognition in Venezuela, with the important emphasis on it being a South American country in a major region of the world where Spanish is the almost unanimously the spoken language. You might think having recognition by a failed centrally planned socialist state is potentially a disastrous situation for a decentralized currency -- and I wouldn't disagree with you for the most part -- however, by having the imprimatur and gravitas of the Venezuela government, it increases the probability of widespread introduction, contact, and acceptance of SmartCash. It also means there is potential for the currency to spread to other Spanish speaking states.

Second: Why is a Spanish language exchange in a South American country so important?

Nearly half a billion people globewide speak Spanish, with the highest concentration in these countries (not in any specified order, other than alphabetized):

Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Belize, Benin, Bolivia, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Rep., Ecuador, El Salvador, Eq. Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Niger, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Togo, Tunisia, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Spanish speaking countries and countries which have sizeable Spanish speaking populations have a higher probability of trading and communicating. Imagine if SmartCash took hold in all these countries. Imagine if SmartCash became the official currency of 500 million people? Remember what I always say often in some of my articles, you gotta dream big. And then make it happen.

Third: Stability

SmartCash could provide stability for Venezuelans who want to keep their government's printing presses in check by acting as a hedge. The fact SmartCash could go up in value, might give a greater number of poor Venezuelans an opportunity to become wealth because the price of the cryptocurrency is still quite cheap and it is destined to rise if the circulation growth is kept in reasonable check. As more people accept SmartCash and use it for transaction or value holding, the price will rise. Since SmartRewards are declining every month, thus the risk of hyperinflation is kept in check. Hyperinflation sucks, I watched it destroy the coin B3.


Get ready for an 8% Christmas Bonus in SmartRewards if you have been holding. What a great way to celebrate X-mas with 1/12th more coins added to your saving account.

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Join my BitConnect Team


Merry Christmas to all my new SmartCash friends, the community, the developers, and new adherants. God Bless.


PS: Now, I want to invite you to visit the SmartCash website and ask you to take a real good look around to familiarize yourself with one of the best decentralized cryptocurrency communities out there. The forum is updated regularly and you can access it in the top right corner - don't be shy, click, 'FORUMS' in black text to learn about all the exciting community building projects and programs.


Big Fat Juicy PPS: No matter what your religion or lack thereof, at this general time of year, most cultures have some kind of events which are significant, the list is too long to mention for the purposes of this article, but you can find an exhaustive list on Wikipedia. People often take in momentary or quiet reflection upon their own lives, well wish associates, reach out to friends and spend time with family when possible. In the upper parts of the Northern hemisphere, the sun falls to its lowest point in the sky for three days surrounding Thursday, December 21, 2017. This is a time at the upper part of the upper half of the world when less sunlight can trigger higher amounts of hunger pangs, binging, mood swings, and people begin the process of slowing down to some degree. If you know someone who is alone, depressed or feeling sad this time of year in the Northern hemisphere, be a good sport, don't be a cheap charlie, buy them some natural sunlight bulbs and reach out to them with some unexpected kindness and warm words.

On December 25th for X-mas we should be getting a nice 8% SmartRewards bonus for those who are staking within the snapshot. Don't be depressed if the price drops on the 26th, sometimes we get a flurry of people selling their rewards, it's normal, hang-tight, things will recover shortly. I hope you have a merry x-mas and a happy new year. I'm sending out good vibes from myself into the cosmos for all those adherents to SmartCash. Let's redouble our efforts in 2018 to make it the year of SmartCash. Much love, happiness, and bye for now.

If you would like to learn more about SmartCash please visit

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SmartCash will save financial crisis there. Thanks for monkeycoin to make that happen.


The days when central banks can control countries is going to end when developers make cryptocurrency plug and play.


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