Smartcash is my entry into the strange world of cryptocurrency, Steem second, and I lost my job too!

4년 전


Hi, my name is Mark and I'm an alcoholic, oops, sorry wrong room. No, Just kidding, I'm not an alcoholic, but this is my first Steemit post, so I just wanted to say hello to everyone (waving my hand vigorously!) I just signed up on Friday the 13th, and October too, seven days later on October 20th, 2017 they finally approved me. My signup day is a spooky double whammy of bad luck for me which is attributed to this rare day (Friday the 13th in October!) because I'm now also officially unemployed and depressed. Actually hidden in that depression is excitement, I've come to learn that setbacks open up new doors. Tragedies create new beginnings. Tragedies make you focus. I just have to swallow my pride and keep on driving forward. I'm glad to have joined this community and hope good things come from this experience, as they say, writing is a form of therapy. Being upset I just invested about $1000 into SmartCash and already I've made a sizeable ROI, better than I ever could dream on the stock market in such a short period of time. It was kind of a stupid thing to do on a whim, putting the money into it because I had just lost my job, but I was feeling spontaneous and figured I would spin the roulette wheel for the heck of it, I thank an old friend for the suggestion too.

Anatomy of getting fired

I was told at midnight (11:59 P.M) Thursday the 12th, October 2017, by a corporate underling of the company I had worked for, they were letting me go, after 4 years of my grinding away, making the husband-and-wife-team owners wealthy and after having made them over two million dollars to be more specific during my short tenure. My biggest mistake was not saving any money, and squandering my handsome paycheck every week thinking it would last forever. Upon being fired, I have only a few grand to my name. I've got butterflies in my stomach.

Rhetorical questions circled through my consciousness upon being fired

Was this a blessing in disguise to get fired? Yes, now I'm going to have to pound the pavement with my feet and look for a new job, which on the internet means hunting for new opportunities. I would also have to start pounding the phone and making lots of calls to online companies seeing if they had any opportunities. I would also call every associate in my network to see what's going on around the interwebs that's new and exciting. My friends told me I should really invest more time in the cryptosphere, so here I am on Steemit, this is my second place I'm getting involved with by a recommendation from a friend on the SmartCash slack group.

The Cosmos Whispered In My Ear!

Was this the Universe telling me I should remember that no matter who I work for that I work for myself? Yes, I had forgotten that. Hello Steemit! Hello SmartCash! Throw me some pennies! Pretty please, I'm unemployed! I'm excited as heck, I consider it a blessing to have lost my job now, despite the butterflies in my stomach.

No Reprieve

My former employer couldn't even give me the courtesy of calling me, all I got was an email notice that they no longer needed my services. To no avail, I followed up with bitter and sad words of regret, but their reply was just the same no matter how much I wrote them with warm words, I got back curt and cold.

What was I doing for them all those years you might ask?

I was working as a web-designer, graphic designer, social media guru and search engine optimization expert with the sole purpose of generating leads for their business and I had made myself obsolete and they found a good way to make it all my fault. So here I am with a lot of free time on my hands, and not knowing what to do with myself, someone suggested I should go create a Steemit account, and blog about my new interest in cryptocurrency and how I got to this point in time. If anyone needs someone to manage twitter accounts or Facebook accounts for business development, I'm your man.

Pinch your nose and swan-dive into the crypto twilight-zone

A fortnight ago (2 weeks I believe) I decided I was going to dive into cryptocurrency starting with Smartcash, it (SmartCash) was recommended by an old friend of mine (first met him and befriended in 2011) who is reasonably knowledgeable about this strange, relatively "new", crypto monetary system, which is taking the world by a storm. I wish I had gotten involved earlier, because only now am I seeing this explosion of digital cash could mean the end of the Federal Reserve (FED) and their surreptitious fiat currency --The Greenback aka Dollar -- one based entirely on inflationary whims of insider oligarchs. The FED is printing money like it's toilet paper, at least with most cryptocurrencies there's a hard limit to the monetary-supply making it good for investment.

The FED is DEAD, actually it's a walking corpse, or a zombie of sorts

Since 1913, the FED has eroded "The Dollar" 99% and so we all know what that means, it's to prevent people from saving their money, they're gonna keep on printing it so everyone gets the understanding they have to either invest or spend their money before it becomes worthless. Inflation is a great way to force people to make money highly viscous, like blood, money must flow or the body dies. Some moron POTUS (president of the united states) decided to take us off the gold standard in 1933 and again in the early 1970s if I'm not mistaken, so with that, the U.S. paper money supply is based on faith alone, backed by a mega-bloated military-industrial complex, 700 foreign garrison fortress-like bases and one helluva gargantuan welfare state. All taxes now go to maintain his paper titan and whatever taxes don't cover, the FED printing press rolls out the light green polyester with serial numbers, and dead presidents featured front and center prominently.

When Bitcoin was just relatively new

In 2011, I was living in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, working as a freelancer, doing what I do best: Lead Generation for businesses. I have been doing remote computer geek work on-and-off since 2001 when I started doing web design and hosting. Now I have expanded into other web arenas. So anyway, while living the dream on the Yucatan peninsula of Southern Mexico, I put an add on craigslist looking for a new roommate in the house I was renting, because people were moving away. It was a four-bedroom house, and by renting out the rooms, I was actually living there for free. I found someone interested in renting one of the private rooms that had its own bathroom, so I was set.

Buy Bitcoin or you will regret it!

My new roommate became a friend only because he also had computer geek ambitions. My new room-mate / friend told me I should get into bitcoin, and I blew the idea off because it all seemed too new, convoluted and complicated -- I had the stupid wait and see attitude. My new-friend-roommate had 20,000 bitcoins at the time --- and though I can't seem to get a straight story from him about what happened to all that cryptocurrency --- my understanding is he no longer has it. Had he kept that cryptocurrency in the form of bitcoin and not tried to expand it into a broad portfolio of cryptocurrency, he would have something like 100 million dollars worth in value as of Friday the 13th, October 2017.

Bitcoin skyward bound!

I have no doubts bitcoin will continue to rise into the stratosphere as the world slowly adopts it, but if we just take the hypothetical or real sum of 100 million dollars, he would have had, if he held onto his bitcoins tight, today it's a gargantuan sum of cashola, enough to retire in the Grand Cayman islands for life, in a McMansion of epicurean fascist opulence, or even better yet, buy a supermassive terraced farm somewhere in Central America at the side of a lush mountain, overlooking the ocean, and live off the land like royalty, with servants and court lackeys for pennies on the dollar. I'm such a dreamer, it's time for me to stop dreaming and make it reality.

Dream Big!

I've always been one to build castles in the sky and I realize it's just a pipe dream, but I have high hopes and aspirations that maybe in 10 years from now I can retire in paradise at some tropical country on the other side of the world in the far-off Pacific, if not, maybe some Caribbean island with sugar white beaches. Even better, travelling the world might be the best way to go. Though to be honest, I've been traveling the world for the last 15 years or so, and spent a lot of time in 25 countries already, so I'm a bit burned out on that adventure, but who knows, I might get my second wind.

Time is running out! Don't Delay!

I'm a middle-aged man, my time in this world is short, my biological father has terminal lung cancer in his mid 60s, my mother has a laundry list of mounting medical ailments getting worse every year, their time in this plane of existence is rapidly running out and that can only mean one thing, I have to make the most of the remaining years of my life. Both my parents-parents, or my grandparents to be more precise, died relatively young, 59 for my paternal grandfather, 64 for my paternal grandmother, 68 for my maternal grandmother and 72 for my maternal grandfather. My parents are in their mid-60s and declining fast, and they had me in their teens, so my time too in this world is short. Yes, I know I should keep a positive attitude, always, but I also want to be realistic. I'm starting to rack up medical problems like crazy, so it's do or die at this point of the game of life. I'm diving into cryptocurrency like a fatman doing a cannonball. I hope, I don't belly flop.

Strap on your scuba diving gear

I'm going to immerse myself into cryptocurrency and build baskets of currencies, and hold onto them for dear life as long as I can, and maybe I'll find my own little slice of paradise just before I die, so I can have one last giggle. I've lived a very rich life, rich in the experience sensory immersion (I traveled the world for 15 years of my life), not rich in the money sense, so this is my last pitched effort. I'm getting in now as a late starter in the cryptocurrency bubble (?), so I don't regret it later, because I already regret that I didn't get into bitcoin when it was floating between $6 and $11 dollars back in 2011. No more hindsight is 20/20. Arggggg, why didn't I get in when my friend told me to buy 1000 bitcoins! Arggggg!

I'm under no illusions

Yes, I wrote bubble above, I'm not going to kid myself, there will be bubbles in this game, the prices will rise and fall, but I believe if I stick it out for the long haul, there should be great gains to make, so I'm throwing my lot in with Smartcash, and will expand from there. My first priority is going to be to build a portfolio with 1 million SmartCash units and while that's in the process I'm going to look into half a dozen to a dozen other cryptocurrencies. I have no false imaginations about the risks and rewards. If you would like to join me on my journey, I want you to go to and check it out. There are no affiliate links, so I'm sending you out of my own volition and for your own edification. Check out SmartCash, if you keep 1000 units of their currency they pay you monthly rewards, so you earn interest when you hold on to the currency for dear life. They also have a discussion forum, and I've found the people there to be very friendly.

Yes that's right, I'm under no illusions any individual cryptocurrency could collapse or become debased by hackers, insider programmers, pump-and-dump (a new word I learned where a Whale buys a huge sum of the currency shooting the price through the roof, and then selling it to make a huge profit), or simple faith lost as the number of digital money brands grows exponentially.

Risks and Dangers

There are so many things that can go wrong with cryptocurrency I am coming to learn, in just a fortnight I've been involved, I've heard through the grapevine about people getting ripped off, or cheated in over the counter (OTC) deals which went shady and sour. In the past, I've heard of people losing their crypto-money via technology failure, or accidentally sending funds to an incorrect address. Hard drives crash, thumb drives get stolen, cops rob you blind, bandits rob you blind, there are so many things that can go wrong, and that's why as exhausting as it is, I have to persevere, I have to accept there are going to be many setbacks, 1 step forward, 2 steps back and the like. Hopefully, I can harness compound interest and rise rise rise!

No Turning Back, I'm Diving deep with SmartCash

It might all turn out to be a big waste of time, money and effort, but my adventure begins with SmartCash (only because a friend recommended it as a good place to start). No this is not a paid advertisement, I'm a real person, not a paid actor. I have to continue to dream on, to dream big, and eventually build a basket of cryptocurrencies and even get into the whole cryptocurrency mining racket too and I'm just learning what a masternode is. I'm excited and terrified by all the prospects. I'm also all ears when it comes to advice, i've had a number of hiccups in the learning process that is now only a week or so old.

Block-chain technology is the new Wild-Wild West

I just started and already I've seen it all appear to be one big wild-wild west, to say the least. A new dangerous and risky frontier. I'm hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. SmartCash is my first step into this twilight zone of the unknown. If you made it this far in my introduction, thanks for reading out my uber loquacious rant. If you have any other cryptocurrencies you can recommend other than the big 3, or big 10, let me know, I'm not putting all my eggs into the Smartcash basket, it's just my first basket to fill to the brim. It's where I lost my digital money virginity and now I'm horny to dive into them all. The people on the SmartCash slack group have been tremendously helpful so far, even though I've been overloading them with questions like a 4-year-old, they've been supremely patient. I'm so grateful to have found a cryptocommunity that is willing to go to the most extreme lengths to help me. One anonymous guy there even helped me to get started by giving me 1000 SmartCash. Too kind!

Dreamers of the world unite!

If there are any other dreamers out there on Steemit, I hope you would consider being my friend. I send my warmest regards. I send my highest hopes. And I send my biggest dreams. Look me up on the SmartCash slack community my name Markrypto. I hope we can be friends.

Hey buddy, can you spare some change?

If anyone wants to buy me a cup of green tea, here is my SmartCash address: SfR3QRfQpWH4zvrsyUx4UdxqbCtgVqcyT5

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