SmartCash your way to the Sky! Manifest Big Dreams with #SmartCash, it's the 2009-Bitcoin of 2017, watch what happens in the coming years.

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Build your skyward bound vision with SmartCash

The title of this mini-article should be titled "Dream Big with #SmartCash the 2009 Bitcoin of 2017", though don't be confused by the name at all. What I mean to say is SmartCash is just like Bitcoin was in 2009, hardly known, very inexpensive and destined to reach a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. The purpose of this article is to get you to dream bigger than you ever have in your life and help build a vibrant SmartCash community. Together we are going to help each other live a life of meaning and purpose, while doing great things in this world.

NOW, Imagine yourself surfing on clouds and doing cartwheels with angels. Now is your time to: Build Castles in the Sky! Let Your Imagination Run Wild! Become a naive child again who creates imaginary worlds where rainbows have pots of gold at the end of them! Leave your cynicism and sanity behind, I'm going to take you to the anything is possible zone! Abandon all your preconceptions and preconceived notions, so we can get this party started.


Don't you wish you could have gotten in on Bitcoin in 2009 when it was just pennies? Who in the cryptosphere doesn't? Everyone has a daydream-longing, wishing they could have bought a few thousand Bitcoin in 2009 and safely tucked it away for a decade later. Why? Because on the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, you can bet your bottom dollar it's going to be astronomical, easily $10K to $50K, maybe $100K. Unless something catastrophic happens, the day will come when Bitcoin is worth $1 million dollars and Satoshi Nakamoto becomes the first TRILLIONAIRE!


Welp. Now's your chance to do something similar and get in on SmartCash while it's still just a baby. If you get in on the SmartCash airplane right now that's parked, while it's selling for pennies on the dollar, in 8 to 10 years you can look back and say, boy-o-boy it was one helluva good investment and one damn good ride in the sky. I saw the whole world from the heavens and it glowed like a pale blue sun.

Seriously, what are the chances SmartCash will ever be in the single-digit pennies again this time next year? What about in 2, or 3, or 5 or 10 years? Do you think the opportunity to buy SmartCash in the single-digit pennies will ever come again after the full new calendar year of 2018 completes itself? Sure seems like such a long time, one year away, so far-far away, but just watch, 1 year from now you'll blink and say, "OMG, how scary fast time flies." Blink your eyes right now, just for the heck of it -- Now look at your entire lifespan, think about how fast it flew by? Will you 1 year from now, 3 years from now, or 5 years from now, wish you could tell your old self, "You should have bought more SmartCash"? No regrets, do it now, every altcoin is collapsing in price over the Bitcoin "seggy" split, yeah, so be it, now's the time to buy SmartCash. Buy Buy Buy. No regrets Buy till it hurts! When I say no regrets, I mean it. No matter what happens, no regrets, except for one regret: (1) you didn't buy enough SmartCash right now. Other than this one exception, no regrets. Do it now, commit yourself to buying SmartCash before penny-Lincolns turn to Washington-dollars.


It's hard to think about the future. The naysayers cynically think to themselves but what if SmartCash doesn't reach the stratosphere? What if it doesn't? What's a few hundred or few thousand dollar gamble on the possibility of making exorbitant profits (should be your last thought)? Forget the money, how about being able to fulfill your dreams and build a cool cryptocommunity in the process! How many times in your life did you throw away money on junk food? drinks? Shiny baubles and trinkets, or any other simple empty pleasures? SmartCash is more than just a hot cryptocurrency, it's the chance to do some great things in this world, like community building. SmartCash was in Venezuela, a country which experienced the horrors of inflation gone wild.

Very few people alive today remember the great depression, but I remember when I was a young boy, my grand old uncle told me that when the economy collapses people will do almost anything to survive, including the unthinkable. We are no longer on the gold standard, the U.S. is destined to fail, only religions can survive on faith alone, fiat currencies CAN-NOT stand forever on faith. All fiat currencies where the printing press is running non-stop will inevitably fall. How many times have we heard about similar modern 21st-century incidents in Zimbabwe, and Venezuela, or Germany back in the early 20th-century? Cryptocurrencies which have hard-maximum circulation figures will always do something amazing, they embrace deflation. Deflation is a word we seldom hear, we usually only hear about inflation where the value can only be reduced. In deflation, the value of currency rises, this is what makes cryptocurrency with hard-maximum numbers of circulating units rise in value. As more people buy in the demand goes up, but the supply stays the same or falls!


In my own life, I've made many gambles on business ideas, education, relationships, travel adventures and quite a few casino bets. Some of them panned out, some of them didn't, but that which doesn't kill me only serves to make me stronger as the great philosopher Nietzsche once said. When I gambled on business, I had to fail a number of times before I succeeded. But no matter who I work for, I remember, foremost, I work for myself. It means I take full personal responsibility for my life, not that I'm an ego-maniac. No matter what happens to me, I take personal responsibility for myself and acting in accordance with what I have power over, myself.

And what about my gamble on education? I'd like to think it paid off, even though it's hard to quantify.

My gambles at the casino, well, lets just put it this way, I don't gamble at the casino anymore except in very rare circumstances. I've probably dropped $25K in my life at the roulette and poker tables. It was fun at the time throwing monopoly money chips in the wind, however, I have nothing to show for, except the excitement of the moment and bragging rights to having gambled in casinos all over the world, including the Monte Carlo in Monaco. The casinos in Venice, Italy, and Amsterdam, Holland were pretty interesting, to say the least. The times when I was winning were thrilling, and there were too many times to count when I was "up", though in the end the house always wins.

SmartCash is not a casino bet. Not even close. The max circulation is set in stone, and a dynamic team sits at its helm. In the one month, I've been part of SmartCash, I've seen a slow and steady community emerge with great ideas in different countries around the world and some interesting videos and articles on steemit. I quite enjoy seeing and being part of a nascent cryptocurrency, even if I got in 3 months late. I've seen the price go from a few pennies, up to 17 cents, and then back down to five cents. Someday SmartCash will rise from a steady $3 to $17 and then back down to $5, I relish the forthcoming day in the years ahead.

One thing is for sure, SmartCash is a good buy RIGHT NOW, and my advice to anyone who asks me is really simple, throw a few hundred dollars right now on SmartCash if you can afford it, you have nothing to lose. If you can afford more, throw a few thousand at SmartCash while it's still affordable. Even in the worst case scenario, a few thousand lost is nothing in the grand scheme of life. But the upside? Flying High in the Sky! How many cryptocurrencies were once a few pennies and are now a few hundred dollars? Even if we want to be cynical about it, how many cryptocurrencies were once a few pennies but now a few dollars?

Dream of soaring over MOUNT EVEREST BABY! The Sky has no border, mang! We can manifest SmartCash to fly in the ionosphere not by thinking about only its price, but by building value in the currency through getting involved on the SmartCash forum and participating in projects and voting. Don't sit on your hands. First, comes the community and hive, then comes the high flying price above the clouds. If we think about the price above all, and fail to build the community and don't launch projects around the world, we will never fly first class on the SmartCash private jet that I am manifesting in my imagination right here for you and me. In the beginning, it appears in my mind, in 10 years it will manifest itself as I'm flying inside of it on my way to a cryptocurrency conference. Dream Big! Think it, believe it and it will manifest, but remember first comes the hardcore community, then comes any reality we can conceive! But don't forget to envision great-great things too, so you have the inspiration to build a strong community of visionaries, futurists, and die-hard believers. It all starts on the SmartCash forum where people can throw possibilities at each other, ask questions, respond to people, don't be shy.


Think hard about this, how much would it cost you to buy 1000 SmartCash right now? How about 10,000 SmartCash? What about 100K?! Not much when you think about what those investments would be if SmartCash became worth a few greenbacks for each unit or how about a few hundred dollars for a single SmartCash. Take a step back. Imagine owning 10,000 units of any cryptocurrency and paying a few cents "per share", and the price shoots to $300 (or $3000)! If you had 1000 "shares" of SmartCash and the price went to $300, you'd be sitting on a cool $300K, tell me that's not a sumptuous sum of cryptocash?! But what if you didn't own 1000, instead you owned 10,000, now that $300K just went to $3 million, that is if we imagine $300 a share is possible. Do you see where I'm going with this? Shout it loud, Dream Big! The Sky is the Limit! We can manifest whatever we can imagine if we build a vibrant organization with SmartCash. INCLUDING a SmartCash worth $3K a unit, yes $3K, it all comes down to adoption. Your job is to convince all 7 billion people in the world why they must own SmartCash and the way to convince them is to give them a valid reason.

Forget the sky, let us go to Saturn NASA Cassini Style

The sky isn't even the limit with SmartCash, Saturn is and because SmartCash has a great team, good infrastructure, a vibrant community and some awesome projects coming down the pipeline, this one is a keeper. For real. Start being creative big again and propose some projects, even if they get rejected. Dream bigger than you have ever dreamed at any time of your life.

We are so lucky to live in a world where Cryptocurrency ICOs are enabling people to fulfill their wildest thoughts and fantasies. SmartCash is a stepping stone to you fulfilling your wildest daydreams if you get off the bleachers and play ball, get involved and fight in the arena. Put the pom-poms down. No more Rah-Rah cheerleading. Your job is to recruit 10 people into the cryptosphere and let SmartCash be their entryway. SmartCash was my entryway into the cryptosphere, which is why it is very special to me. One month into Cryptocurrency, I'm already building a sizeable nest egg that I refuse to touch for a few years to come. Plus, now I'm doing a little day trading on the side for the thrill of it (sure beats throwing away money at the casino!) and loving every moment (though honestly, I prefer to just buy and hold, a little action on the side at cryptopia aen't hurting my core investment strategy).


Do you want a luxury oceanfront home in the Carribean, Canada, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Down Under? Buy 100,000 units of SmartCash while it still costs a nickel apiece, and leave it in an address marked dream home. Get back to me in 10 years, and let us see what happens? Talk to me in 10 years when the price should have well passed $100 each. Did those 100K units reach the heavens? What's $100 x 100k? Manifest that signature house you want to have, go to Pinterest right this moment and pick out the stairs, the bathrooms, the exterior design, print those things out and put em on the wall. Manifest that residence you could see yourself falling in love with.

Comment below, tell me where you would love to own a nice piece of land? I personally could see myself owning a terraced farm on the side of a hill or mountain somewhere in Central America overlooking sugar white sand beaches. I'd grow plum and pear tomatoes. I can see tropic fruit trees galore pregnant with produce, and an Avacado tree blooming in front of a tastefully designed geodesic dome style home. Off the shore of the nearby beach, I would have crab traps and a floating dock for fishing. I would make snow angels in the tropical sapphire waters and stare into the blind blue sky. We can manifest whatever we can imagine if we build a bustling dedicated community with SmartCash, I want to see you active on the forum and participating. Go ahead right now, and create an address in your SmartCash wallet and label it "dream house fund" and don't touch it for 10 years, pump it full with 100K SmartCash or even 10K to start. You can add to it, but never take away from it. Let us talk a decade from now.


Do you want to own a Cadillac Escalade? a Ferrari convertible? Something Electric? A flying car? How about a Delorean? What's your dream car? Tell me, comment below. Right Now, Create an address in your SmartCash wallet and label it "dream car fund" and put 10,000 SmartCash in it and don't touch it for 5 years. You can add to it, but never take away from it. Let us talk in half a decade.


I've been to 20+ countries, it doesn't take much to get a plane ticket these days and reserve a room somewhere. All you need is a passport, and some free time. Go ahead and create a SmartCash wallet address called "Dream vacation", put 1000 SmartCash in it and don't touch it for 3 years. You can add a little bit to it every month, but never take away from it. If SmartCash hits $5 go splash out! Let us talk in 3 years and see how it works out.


Now I'm calling on you to think up some addresses you could make in your SmartCash local or web-wallet. Dream Silly Grandiose: what do you want to do, what do you want to achieve? Put 1000 SmartCash in it and don't touch it for 3 years and let us see what happens. You don't need 100K SmartCash or even 10K SmartCash to create a dream fund, even 1000 SmartCash will do the trick, but no matter what you do, try to add a little bit of SmartCash to every address fund you create weekly or monthly and remember to DREAM HELLUVA BIG and don't ever-ever-ever forget it's community building that is the root and stalks to make those dreams happen. Don't be an observer, get involved now, here

Now go let your imagination run wild and make SmartCash the yellow brick road to your Emerald City. Smoke and mirrors are not required, just hope and hardwork. Building castles in the sky is not smoke and mirrors, it's envisioning and seeing what is possible. Long Live the SmartCash Community! See you on the SmartCash forum

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Big thanx for the tip, every little bit counts toward my longterm goals of building my SmartCash nestegg.


Thanks for this tip Hockleyj!


Thanks for your kind words buddy, I hope we can all dream build together by creating a self-less community that gives back to those in need the most at places where inflation and poverty are highest. When the world sees cryptocurrency taking shape in the 2nd and 3rd world, it will become entirely clear the days of fiat currency must come to an end. Everytime we work, and exchange that time for money, we are robbed when the money is inflated. Doesn't matter if it happens in the world. When the money printer keeps churning out sheets of paper cash, the people who get it first benefit the most, by the time it trickles down the people receiving it are getting something of lesser value. What I love about the super vast majority of cryptocurrencies is the fact they almost always have a max circulation number. It means the printing press can not go on forever and ever. It also means there will be appreciation in value as the number of people holding it grow and demand for it increases. Best Regards.

I am pretty much excited about this crypto as well. signed up with their smartcashteam here at steamit i not sure though if was approved already.


I hope I make it too onto the team, but no matter what happens, we have so many options and projects of how we can contribute on an individual basis. The sky is the limit and that's not a cliche.

lol loved it i will dream big with you :D


Thank you, fellow soul, for dreaming big with me, together we make a great community which gives and achieves great things. When we share the good news, when we hope and believe, we are one step closer to making it happen.

Great post @markrypto ! Lets build this awesome community to make the world a better place, where fear, greed and resignation have been replaced by hope, sharing and goodwill.


Indeed, "a world a better place where fear, greed, and resignation have been replaced by hope, sharing and goodwill." Those words are magic to my ears. It never stops amazing me when I think about how people are creating cryptocurrencies to do great projects and solve problems! I'm shaken by the fact any one with a will now has a way in this new digital economy. If you can think of any problem in the world, you can create a cryptocurrency to address it and if the market thinks your white paper is solid, you will get an avalanche of funds to kickstart it. If the market doesn't buy it, go back to the drawing board. Peace.

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