Flying over Spectacular Greenland from Europe to USA

2년 전

Sometimes you're lucky. Sometimes you're extremely lucky. I was just a few days ago. I was flying from Europe (Switzerland) to the United States, and on our way we passed Greenland. I had the window seat so I was able to shoot a nice picture.


The North Atlantic is very busy with air traffic. As such, part of the traffic from Europe is put further North. There is a system called the North Atlantic Organised Track System (NAT-OTS) which controls the entrance and movement of airplanes across. This also actually saves fuel, as the earth is a sphere so the shortest distance to some place is not necessarily a straight line!

Have you ever been lucky to fly over Greenland? Share your photos!

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Ma olen lennukiga lennanud! Wow


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beautiful photo

On first of May this year:


Very excellent post

Hola @martinphoto
Eres una persona afortunada. Tus fotografías son estupendas.
No he tenido la suerte de volar ni a Groenlandia ni a ningún otro país.
He viajado mucho en aviones pero solo en rutas nacionales.
Ahhhhhhh. Soy ya cercano a la tercera edad. Pero creo que pronto iré a visitar a mi hijo a República Dominicana y luego iré a las Islas Canarias. Me muero porque llegué la hora. Es posible que después de viejo me dedique a recorrer otros países.
Saludos y Gracias por el artículo.

  ·  2년 전

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It is breath taking, the earth is truly beautiful... I have not had the opportunity to fly over greenland but a girl is allowed to dream 😁

Just beautiful ... great work 😊


Thanks @neliacordeiro, it was a beautiful moment indeed :)


You're welcome. I'm a fan of this kind of photos. 😊


In fact, everything that has to do with airplanes, clouds, heights ... 😊 😊

juust testing something ;) tipuvote!

Such an amazing view!

The one time I flew I was a teenager and didn't think to take any photos!
Cant wait to have this experience as an adult!

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Traveling fills us with great experiences, it is one of the pleasures of life that I would like to enjoy forever

Simply beautiful

Wow a good smartphone photography.

I like it. Thanks for sharing a good photography.

Great photo. I love photos with show covering landscapes, it’s so pretty.