Wild, but friendly


Photo taken in Nosy Be island, Madagascar, this May.
Lemurs, those cute unique animals, are very friendly and so beautiful.
The interesting thing is - I've got him on my smartphone, while my wife was shooting me with my large camera.

Click on pic for full size

CategoryNature photography
Settings1/110 sec, F/2.2, ISO-125
CameraXiamo Mi A1
Date photo takenMay 2019. Madagascar

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Haha, love how you got this shot with your camera! Perfect!! upped 💯 Resteemed .🐾❤📷👍

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You could call this photography "So beautiful and wild" 😉👍

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Yes, maybe.
In general most wild nature subjects are beautiful. But few are so cute and friendly as these.

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Oh such an amazing post for the day to enjoy cool shot !

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This good mobile shot. How long distance between you and the subject. Result of the image pretty cool....


That was rather close, maybe 2-3 meters. They are getting very cloce, IF you got some banana's in your hand :)

This is a pretty cool picture, I see these creatures in cartoons, but never in real life and close up. Pretty cool face shot, the eyes are amazing.


In a real life to see them is only one place - Madagascar. That huge island in east Africa