Culture of Mexico: badass bandit sitting on bench in Playa del Carmen

4년 전

Sometimes, I have troubles finding a decent entry for the subthemes of the #smartphonephotography contest hosted by @juliank but when I found out today´s topic is “benches”, I knew exactly what shot I would go for :)

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This cool bronze sculpture of the archetypal badass Mexican bandit chilling on a bench is located on the Fifth Avenue (La Quinta Avenida) in the center of Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

It is believed the origin of this stereotypical Mexican figure with a huge sombrero, thick mustache and crisscrossed bandoliers is derived from Pancho Villa, an army commander and one of the most important figures of the Mexican Revolution.

Whether the sculpture represents Pancho Villa or not, one thing is for sure – this bronze dude is by far the most photographed figure in the town. It is almost impossible to take a shot of him without some tourists sitting next to him or even on his lap.

Czech / Česky:

Když jsem zjistil, že téma dnešního #smartphonephotography contestu jsou lavičky, hned jsem věděl kam sáhnout. Tenhle bronzový drsňák vysedává na lavičce jen pár bloků od naší ulice, takže ho potkáváme dost často :) Předlohou této archetypální mexické postavy je údajně slavný mexický vojevůdce a revolucionář Pancho Villa. Jestli má být i tato socha jeho podobiznou, to netuším, ale určitě se jedná o nejvíce fotografovanou postavu ve městě :)

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He's got it all figured out.

Wow beautiful Mexico and nice Mexican People I love it.
My friend your post is great.


thanks! :)



Excellent choice @phortun. I love it! The sculptures great but the colourful background really makes it! 😊

Fešák ;-). Ty nábojové pásy přesně jako ve filmech :-D


Jojo, jak z westernu :))


Přesně ;-). Nějak si nedovedu představit, že by to takhle nosil i ve zkutečnosti

Impressive looking sculpture.

Sitting like you've gat no worries in life.
Cool 😎.

badass Mexican bandit haha know him very well too mate


You should! :D I need to check your posts!

Nice work 😊 picture is great and good choice of colors


Thanks :)

Beautiful post
Thanks for sharing art very nice
I appreciate your post


Did you dare to go and sit next to him? :D


No! He is an armed bandit! :D


Haha! :D

That's so good! I'm still trying to figure my entry out. Benches aren't something very common in my photos!


I hear you. I dont have many bench photos either but this one was a sure bet :)

Super Dope now i wanna travel there just to see it in person.

What a boss 🤙🏼 I wasn’t sure, at first, if he was a statue or a really good Mime artist!


Haha, yeah, he looks VERY real :)

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Wow beautiful Mexico and nice Mexican People I love it.
My friend your post is great.