Smart Phone Photography With Asus Zenfone-5

2년 전


Device: Asus Zenfone 5
Megapixel: 8
Effect: HDR

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This place is in Bangladesh.
It's situated in Rangpur , called Robertsonganj Water Tank.
I passed my childhood in Dokkhsin Kamal Kachna, which is near robertsonganj.
Those childhood memory is almost faded now, as I am getting older, We all have some childhood memories, it's memory which makes you feel everything around you, without memory you are nothing but a human being who is lifeless, science also says us that it's your memory which keeps you alive, without memory you won't feel like you are alive!
And it's also truth that every people don't have only good memories, some memories are also not that good to remember, but as usual be positive, and keep remembering your good memories!
And there is not any pride or good, in remembering bad memories, yes you can learn from those memories, but you shouldn't get emotional with your bad memories, you always should be thinking like 'you have passed those bad times of your life so you have to live your good times'
You can think like if you think that , then won't bad times come in your life after that?
Bad times will come, doesn't matter how much positive you are or good you are,but that positive thinking can diminish bad times very easily ^_^


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